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Default Re: The Chronicles of the Shards

Chapter 2

“Forgive me for not introducing myself, Amethyst.” The Noctowl realized his error, seeming more awkward now that he knew who I was and dropping some of the formality. “My name is Horus.”

“All right… Horus,” I began, wagging my tail so Elonur could play with it and be suitably distracted, “…Why do you need me? I’m just an Eevee.”

“An Eevee who is destined for greatness,” he corrected me. I gave him a skeptical raise of my brow, ignoring the fact that Elonur had just torn a clump of fur out of my now motionless tail.

“Destined for greatness? How so?” I asked him, inclining my head to one side.

“Have you heard the legend of the Eon Sisters?” he asked me.

“Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“I know a part of it. I never heard the end, though,” I explained.

“Ah. And that is why it is crucial that I came to you as early as I did,” he told me, taking in a deep breath and coughing.

“Sir, would you like anything? There is a pond over there, and we have plenty of fruit, surely you must need something after your journey,” I offered, concerned for Horus, who seemed like he was bound to collapse at any given moment.

“No, I will be fine for the time being,” Horus assured me. “What is more important is that you know what I have come for.”

“Have you gotten to the part where humans take over and try to take the gems?” I nodded, now intrigued, sitting down and relaxing, preparing for the news.

“Long story short, Umbreon fought for the gems, and they ended up shattering. She was destroyed—murdered. The shards of the gems were absorbed by the Legends, and there was a prophecy made. One Eevee would take this—” He reached back as though to preen himself, but exposed a sparkling black gem on a thick collar. I gasped and peered into it, not seeing my reflection, but rather seeing a faint glow from within. “—retrieve the shards from inside the Legends, and restore the balance of the world.” He fluffed out his feathers and offered the gem to me.

“You are that Eevee, Amethyst.”

My jaw unconsciously dropped, even though the impact of the words had not entirely hit me. It took me several moments to realize that I was the only Eevee named Amethyst that I knew. I would be responsible for the gem that Umbreon protected with her life. I would have to fight every single Legend—each transformed into a darker and more powerful form—and somehow remove an object that could fit into my paw from their bodies. I would be competing with humans, armed with bigger, stronger, and better-trained Pokémon, technological advances, and the want to control all of the elements of nature.

I started shaking. I couldn’t do this. I forced the gem away from me.

“No! I can’t live up to all of that!” I yelped, trying to sound calmer to no avail. Horus watched me shake and struggle to regain my composure, and he spoke again.

“Your name is written on the wall, Amethyst. You have to take on this role. It was decided long before your time,” he told me.

“Why? Who says that because my name is Amethyst I have to do this? Just because my name was on some wall doesn’t mean I’m entirely qualified to—to—I can’t!” I told him, collapsing on the ground, unable to see because my eyes were clouded with tears.

“I don’t know,” Horus confessed softly. I felt the gem rest on my paw, and looked up. I felt its warmth radiate through my paw, as though Umbreon’s very essence were trapped within the black crystal.

Something occurred to me then; Umbreon was an Eevee at one point, just like me. She was charged with the responsibility of embodying darkness, a choice not her own, and she fought bravely in spite of all odds. When I heard the first half of the legend as a child, I always felt sorry for Umbreon. Now, I would have the chance to take on her traits, and, in essence, to become her.

I adjusted myself, sitting up and peering deeper into the gem. I felt mysteriously drawn to it, like I felt a connection to the crystal. I shook my head, and then looked at Horus.

“All right. Help me get this on,” I told Horus. Horus picked up the gem and helped me put it around my neck, and I felt it tighten. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I still felt the weight of my new responsibility.

“I’m sorry, Amethyst. Take Elonur home and rest yourself. You leave tomorrow.” At that, Horus flew away, struggling to stay aloft.

“…I’m tired,” Elonur told me, meaning to make a demand more than a subtle hint, but the yawn interrupted her.

“So am I. Let’s go, Elonur,” I told her, leading the way back to the grove.

I looked around the grove once I arrived, realizing it might be my last time seeing it. It was fairly shady, except for a large oval of sun in the center of the thick tree-lined meadow. The nesting areas were shaded by the trees, and the Eevee children, younger than I but older than Elonur, were daring one another to climb trees and playing roughly with one another. Elonur’s mother and my own, both a little larger than myself, bounded up to us.

“Thank Celebi you’re safe!” mine cried out. She then saw the gem around my neck and nearly burst out crying. “No. No, Ami, not you! Not now! You can’t!” I bowed my head, peering up at her with only my eyes, flashing an awkward smile. “Ami, remove that gem this instant! You are not leaving me!”

“Mother, I’m not a pup anymore. I can take care of myself. This was decided long before my birth,” I explained flatly, internally enjoying my mother’s display. She would rather have me stay at home and be a perpetual child than see her only daughter save the world’s balance. There was something about that I found incredibly humorous.

“No! You’re not leaving me! Stay with me, Ami!” I sighed, now more annoyed than anything.

“Mother, I’m sorry. I have to leave, and nothing you say can stop me. It’s for the greater good,” I told her, turning around and walking away, completely ignoring what Horus told me about resting myself at home.

“AMI!” my mother screamed after me. “Ami, you’re my greatest good! Stay here with me!”

My heart gave a jerk of empathy and I stopped in my tracks. I was my mother’s greatest good. I was her only pup; her mate, my father, disappeared long before I was born. She had no other thing left to love. I was the only other Eevee in this world that she loved unconditionally, and she expected the same from me. Had I realized that before… I turned to my mother, who was held back by several of the other Eevee in the community.

“I love you,” I called to her, trying not to burst out crying. It would be horribly unbecoming of the future world savior to cry at a display of affection from her mother. “I’ll come back, I promise. Don’t forget about me before then.”

I then turned and walked away slowly, tears running down my face. No one could see, so it wouldn’t matter. The screams of a grief-stricken mother echoed in my head until I could look back and barely hear them. At that point, I, Amethyst, the Eevee charged with a duty larger than any being could comprehend or explain in words alone, did the one thing I could; I collapsed on the ground and sobbed.

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