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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Originally Posted by Xtra View Post
And me......hehehe....It's probably both of us. We both work extra hard!

Edit: I am making an Ice Layout, With Regice, Froslass, and Glalie. Gotta show when it's done!
Oh yeah, I didn't see that./

Originally Posted by blazikensweety View Post
My site is a Pokemon Roleplay forum (Link: But it's not like most others for 2 reasons:

1. The Pokemon can talk (Unless you don't want them to talk).
2. Most characters have magic powers.

More on number 2:
Many characters will discover on their way through their journey that they have a 'hand symbol', a small symbol on one of their hands that means they posess magical powers. This can be anything from spitting fire to being able to turn invisible.

The site's survived for 3 years with only 2 active members, but if we get some more members, well...

We're also open for affilites and staff, so if you'd like to be an affilite, just PM 'admin' (Me! =D).

One last thing-As a guest, the skin is well, terrible. But once you sign up, we have a whole bunch of skin options for you! =D
That is intresting for a proboards forum.
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