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Default Re: The Chronicles of the Shards

I'm so glad you like it that much!!!

Now we're getting into some action. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

I opened my eyes slowly, lifting my head. The sun had set, and I could hear the soft humming of bug Pokémon as they fluttered back to their nests to sleep the night away. I leaped to my feet, startled. How had nighttime come so fast?

I must have cried myself to sleep. I shook out my fur, embarrassed. I yawned and started up the foothill I had just approached, struggling to see in the darkness, wishing that I had waited until daylight like Horus told me to.

It just then occurred to me; Legends are recluses. How on earth was I supposed to find them, battle them, and remove the shards? I collapsed, defeated, on the ground. Horus didn’t tell me how to go about doing this part. All he did was give me Umbreon’s gem and tell me to get moving. I put my paw on the gem, feeling its warmth circulate through me.

“Umbreon, how am I supposed to do this?” I asked, not expecting any real answer. I let out a defeated sigh and stood up, moving to continue my hike, before I heard gravel crunch. I looked up, some pebbles striking me from above. I shielded myself from them, and then looked up to see three grey wolf-like Pokémon leap down and circle me. Their eyes pierced through the darkness, locked on me, and I could smell a rusty odor from their shaggy black fur. I could hear their sharp nails click on the solid rock we stood on as they hungrily paced.

I turned in a small circle, ears flattened against my head, trying to not keep my back to any of the Mightyena, but it was impossible. I could try to climb the foothill, but they could climb and leap faster and farther than me. I could leap down over the edge, but they could too, and I would surely be killed on impact with the ground as high up as I was.

“Look at this, boys,” one of the Mightyena chortled, his breath putrid with the same rusty odor that permeated his fur. I realized, sickened, that it was blood. “We’ve got ourselves some meat.”

“Are you sure? She’s awfully small,” the second asked the first, doubtful but still speaking with the air of a predator.

“Who cares?” the third snapped at him, making him back down. All three resumed their fixation on me, and the first stepped up to me.

“What brings you out here by yourself so late? Don’t you little ones stay in the grove down there? You could get hurt,” he spoke with such a false air of assurance that I wanted to maul him, if only I were slightly larger. I refused to answer him, unsure of what to say, really. I narrowed my eyes, tail wagging back and forth stiffly, and it took all of my effort to ensure that my legs were not shaking. He chuckled.

“Ah, look at her. She’s trying to act so brave. Trust me, kid, if I were you, I would be running,” he continued.

“It’s a good thing you’re not me, then,” I told him, my voice breaking in spite of all of my efforts. All three threw their heads back in laughter, and I saw the chance to make a break for it. I was on the ground before I knew what happened, a black blur over me, and I let out a yelp as I felt sharp canines sink into my back.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you, Eevee, you mutant scourge of the earth?” the first asked. I hit the ground painfully, the air rushing into my wounds, making them sting. I let out a hiss of pain, trying to stand, but held down by a large paw.

“Hey, Boss, check out the shiny thing on her neck,” the Mightyena that held me told the leader. He looked at the gem around my neck, and I growled at him.

“Stay away from that!” I barked, struggling to get out from under his paw with no avail. The leader was taken aback for several moments, and then laughed.

“Is that your precious sparkly thing? What happens if I touch the sparkly thing?” he ran his claw down the center of the gem. “Hey, boys, I touched it. I touched the mutant’s sparkly thing!” he laughed loudly, as though he found the situation incredibly humorous.

“You don’t know who you’re messing with,” I warned them with a guttural growl, which, coming from an Eevee, must have sounded extremely amusing to them, because they could barely contain themselves. I forced myself free and darted away as fast as I could, but the leader leaped in front of me.

“And just who am I messing with?” he taunted me. I narrowed my eyes, crouched down, and prepared to attack.

“Amethyst the Eevee!” I anchored my front legs and kicked my hind legs around, sending a cloud of sand into the Mightyena’s eyes. The sand attack was enough to deter him long enough for me to leap up the rocks on the foothills. The second and third Mightyena were gaining on me, and I forced myself onto a large rock and opened my mouth, preparing a trick I had picked up on my own.

I could feel the lump of cold, writhing shadow materialize just outside of my mouth. I kept my eye on the Mightyena closest to me, forcing more of my energy into the attack. I then released the shadow ball, which struck the Mightyena in the chest. The attack would not work very well, but it certainly shocked him.

I was knocked off of my rock by a tackle attack from the third, which leaped up onto my rock and prepared to pounce on me. There was nowhere to move.

Umbreon, help me! I found myself pleading. The gem warmed up so suddenly I was caught off guard, but I soon found inspiration. I closed my eyes, finding an internal place where I was most powerful. Once I had found my center, I opened my eyes, feeling power coursing through my entire body. The Mightyena sprang, and I sprang as well.

We collided in midair, and right at the moment of impact I released my hidden power attack. I forced all of my power into his body, sending him flying backwards. I landed on the rocks, feeling lightheaded from my attack. I would definitely need to train before I tried that again. It was too late to think about training, though, for the remaining two were advancing fast.

“I’ll admit,” the leader growled, glaring at me, “you are a lot more than I expected. But look how weak you are, from an attack you aren’t strong enough to use! I would suggest you surrender quietly, and I promise we’ll make your death as fast and respectable as possible.”

“I’m not going down without a fight!” I snapped at him, but I knew he was right that I wasn’t strong enough. If I couldn’t fend off three Mightyena, how was I supposed to defeat Rayquaza or Lugia?

“As you wish. Farewell, Amethyst the Eevee.” Both of them sprang at once. I ducked out of the way and tumbled down the edge, grabbing for a stone to hold onto. I clung to the stone for dear life, my forepaws about to give, and the leader stood over me. He smiled, the cruel fanged grin of a ruthless predator, and then lowered his head next to me. He opened his mouth as though to speak, then let loose an extremely loud roar.

I let out a small scream, startled badly enough to release the rock. I hit the ground hard, looking up as the two were flying down at me. I heard something lash out at the two, and looked over at the Bayleef that had just attacked with a vine whip. The Mightyena ran off, the third joining them, and a small yellow sauropod Pokémon stood over me. I could smell the spicy aroma from the green buds, the leaf on his head swaying gently from side to side.

“That was quite a fight! Are you hurt?” the Bayleef asked me, nudging me to my feet, then retracting his vines.

“No, I’ll be fine, thank you,” I told him, hissing in pain from my wounds as I tried to stand on my own. I looked up at the Pokémon with a sheepish grin.

“No, no, please, don't move!” he piped up, lifting me onto his back with his vines.

“Thank you,” I told the Bayleef in spite of the uncomfortably bumpy ride on his back. I tried to ignore this and sat up. “What is your—?”

“QUIET!” he hissed sharply at me, stopping dead in his tracks. I held my breath. Did he hear something that I didn’t? What if the Mightyena had come back? My stomach lurched from fear, and I began to tremble again. He tilted his head, as though listening for something, and then relaxed, continuing to walk.

“You really need to be careful,” he warned me in a whisper. “The trees have ears.”

“The trees—? What kind of reason is that?” I asked him quite seriously, but he glared at me. I fell silent and sighed. I had survived a fight with three Mightyena, which would be something to be proud of, but I had to be rescued by an insane Bayleef who believed that trees could hear and understand speech. This was going to be a long night.

Done: 800

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