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Default Re: Pokemon Online Game A Good Idea? Jim Merrick Thinks So!

Originally Posted by Monheart
I wouldn't worry about computer requirements. If I know the Pokemon Company, they'd never publish a game for the PC. What I believe they're more likely to do, is publish the game for a Nintendo Consule when (more like "IF") a Nintendo Consule establishes Online Gaming. In the case of Pokemon, probably a handheld system. I don't know if the Nintendo DS is capable of that, but if so, that would be even better.
Nintendo GC does have online play capability (they only ever made 1 game as far as I can remember). And for the ppl saying "I hope we don't have to pay" mean I hope we don't have to pay to play. In order to play online xbox games you have to subscribe to xbox live and pay every month, and also most (if not all) systems require you to have a high speed connection (like I and many others DON'T have) to play the game online.
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