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Default Re: Last Person to Post Wins!

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu
Bah, fine, if you don't like it, it certainly wouldn't hurt to help create some other ideas that you think could be better. Think is, I really haven't been seeing that from people. I can't stand it when people to sit back, gripe about activity, but don't even try to do something that would increase it. Even simply creating a new thread in other chat would help, but I haven't been seeing much of that either.

Don't gripe about another person's ideas until you can create something better. I challenge you to try and make a better game than this. If you really want to take that on, great, but if not, don't complain about it. The last thing we need is for people to be pessimistic and throw criticism at every new idea that comes up.
Idea? Come on dude, you are a MOD for heaven's sake, you create spam and not delete them?

Nobody is pessimistic here, dude, fine, fine, you're a mod, it's not like I'm capable of doing anything.

Don't get too over the moon, you spammers. I assure you this will be locked soon.