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Default Re: Item Trading Booth

I'm willing to trade these items! All of course are legit! PM me with offers! ^^ {My item store is now Closed, if any are still interested, please PM me instead.}

Electirizers: 5
Dusk Stones: 10
Thunder Stones: 10
Shiny Stones: 14
Fire Stones: 6
Moon Stones: 3
Dawn Stones: 7 (Recently added)
Lucky Eggs: 5
PP Max: 25 (I will trade only 6 a day)

Ice Beam: 3
Flamethrower: 2
Thunderbolt: 1

I'm searching for the following: Items that are in bold I really, really need. ^^
Draco Plate, Magmarizers, Reaper Cloth, and Protector.

*Sends Espeon to do Psychic to Bump my item list* ^^

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