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Default Re: [WAR] Twisted Mirror [PG]

6 Revelation

Lavender Tower was probably what started and ended my story here. I guess this is ironic in a way, since I never intended on having to count on the influence of another powerful figure for my means. I mean, to have to put trust on someone who can potentially stab you in the back at a whim seems to mean that I'm on the short end of the stick. However, that was exactly what I had to do. Becoming the acolyte of likely one of the most influential figures in the history of this war probably was a good idea, though. I mean, in a way, I became a historic figure because of this all.

I have no idea how my role as the acolyte of Gengar would shape up in the end here, though. I don't think that this would be all that important now that everything is set into motion, and this manuscript, I still hope to get it out somewhere. If ever there is a truth that was distorted by the passage of time, I know that this is here to preserve my, Rebecca, and Heather's names. Probably a selfish reason, but I could care less. Besides, I'm sure historians would love to see a first hand account with regards to the war that took place, when the world was torn asunder by the blunders of man.

I guess one of the most surprising things that happened during this war was that Gengar actually told me his reasonings at one point in my story. I'm still not sure why he did this though. For one, this message sent to me makes things very difficult for me. I don't think if there ever was a time in my life in the swamp where I actually had to make a decision that would completely change my life as it had this one. What I had done was make a deal, and Gengar probably thought that it wasn't a good idea to keep this deal going on, and thus, told me some things that would make things difficult for his own acolyte.

What happened was that it was about 4 weeks after the deal happened, and about 2 weeks after the events of Rivers' Light. Gengar called me out to visit him. Now if i recalled correctly, that was a very terrible method to do anything. Considering that my information being sent to him was fairly easy from Saffron, any information that needed to be transferred could theoretically be sent back and forth through the link anyway. I guess it's something that's so important that even this was not a feasible method either. So what could it be?

I had to slip out of the city in the dead of the night. It's actually relatively easy to get around at night due to my ability to meld into the shadows, thus becoming invisible in the dark. Of course, that was just the beginning of it all. After getting out of the city walls, I had the difficult task of traveling to Lavender Tower before halfway through the night is over. Of course, that in itself was difficult, considering that Gengar never gave me “speed upgrades”. Shadowmeld does help out quite a bit by itself, though. I don't have to deal with something called “air resistance” and “friction” as much as people who had to do things normally. Essentially shadowmeld itself allowed me to be invisible in the dark to pretty much anything physical, that included physical elements themselves. Scaling walls? Simple task of skating up.

So while the journey was relatively short going into Lavender, the scaling of the tower itself was not. It was also not bound to the physical realm to a certain extent, I had to play with their rules, and scale the tower normally. It wasn't such a pain as it was back in the siege, though. I mean, at least we weren't being attacked from top, bottom, left, right, front, back, and every other direction one could think of. That was I guess a positive. Then again, really that was the only positive, and it wasn't one that was all that attractive anyway.

Funny I was actually being reminded of the siege. This definitely would be a time in which I would definitely not want to deal with anything close to the intense pressure that I sensed in the siege, that's for sure. Oh but what did that matter? I was just his acolyte and he would aid me in my conquest for power. A simple fair trade amongst ourselves, I would say. Shadowmeld didn't work in the tower. Each staircase up, however, was more like adding the weight of that staircase on my shoulders as I moved. I became tired and weak. I feared weakness. It was probably the only thing I've learned and stuck to for a long time. In the swamps, you either were strong and lived, or you were weak and died. There was no middle ground. Saffron had their lives well simply because they had the ability to lie normally without a care of what happened outside their world. The war? The soldiers would take care of things. The economic problems? No problems as long as it wasn't them outside of prosperity. That was a good plan by higher ups, the people would be easy to control that way.

Gengar stood there atop the dark throne he had when I first entered the room. His guards still littered the floor like cockroaches to a butterfree corpse. The stench of that room was always unbearable. And he would always speak before I was able to recalibrate myself. “Acolyte. It would seem that my leader has begun to sniff our purposes out. What do you have to say about that?” he roared ghastly, like a monster within one's closet.

“I don't care,” my reply was.

“Of course you do not. However, would it be of interest to you that our leader also have looked into the Fedric Twins? Oh how fun it is to see both your women thrashed and killed before your eyes.”

“Get to the point.”

“Mewtwo is heading out. I want to prolong this war for as long as possible, because I have seen many things that I normally wouldn't see under Mewtwo's provision. You were there to serve my purpose in that category. However, it was because of that interference that Mewtwo has started looking at the patterns of destruction. He knows. He knows there is someone pulling strings behind the operations. And he suspects me to be one. You, on the other hand, was pretty much confirmed to be an enemy by a survivor of an assault. The Fedric Twins would be his target very soon.”

Fear? Powerlessness? I couldn't really tell what I was feeling during that time. If there was one thing that was certain, those staircases meant more and more pain and suffering as I would lose precious time in getting back to Mewtwo if he were to go in and capture the two girls. It would be bad. Very bad. I didn't even think I would be able to take that monster on. No, I was certain that I would be powerless to do anything against this evil. Evil? What makes him evil and me not? I let out a laugh. What a stupid idea! I am no hero. I am evil myself, am I not? Evil seeks to destroy evil, while the good helplessly dangle in the midst of this war between two evils. Oh how ironic it is! I was reminded of my former self, the selfish and self righteous child I was. At least there I had a sense of what justice was. Back in the swamp? I knew myself as aiding evil just to live. Here with the devil's contract? I am but a twisted mirror of my former selves, stuck in between both sides, never to come out as either.

Certainly it wouldn't take long until the Mewtwo's scum would reach Gengar. Cerulean fell to the Newgens several hours ago, since Gengar called me in rather than going there to aid the humans. I had to go, and quickly. I took the express ride out. Going down was a matter of jumping off the tower, and activating my shadow powers to glide down. I did just that, while looking out into the north. It was true after all, a large group of Newgens were heading toward Lavender Tower alright.

I took the most direct route back to Saffron. To me, the twins were in my mind. I had to move. I had to move. It didn't really take long before I saw who I didn't want to see, the big man himself. What was more devastating was not his appearance, but who he was with. To this end, I think that this was the lowest low in my life. Who knows? I might have done better in some other life or something. But there I was, standing in front of the leader of the enemy, him holding the two most precious people I know and held dear. Good thing they were unconscious.

Fear kicked me in the face yet again. What was he going to do to them? Is he that much of a monster that he would kill innocents? What of me? Am I so powerless that I cannot fight out of this predicament? He was Mewtwo, I was an acolyte. The difference in power was too great even if I tried. Should I just not try? No, this was no the time to do that. It was time for me to take action. He spoke first, “Arthas Yursa, is it not?”

“What of it?” I questioned back.

“I can see why they have so much trouble with such a man. It doesn't matter. Your little fun and games end here.” He dropped the twins onto the ground, making a soft thud each. He took a single step towards me.

“Don't...come near me.” I loosely held a fighting stance, but it was noted that I was trembling in fear. No, it was not fear. I was looking into his deep eyes, and saw something outside of this. He wanted to do something else. I don't exactly know what. As well, his dark purple figure blended into the shadows of this night, the moonless night it was. It was just an outline of dark purple with the two large eyes.

“Oh? What can you do about it?”

Just then, a large search team of humans began shouting and casting light into the darkness. It pierced itself through the unforgiving forest, and casted considerable doubt into the haunting of tonight. He sighed once, and proceeded to leave, but not without showing me what he had intended to do. He slashed both twins in front of my eyes, and disappeared with them after that single stroke.

The search team eventually found me, laying near some blood stains. They also never found the twins. I retreated back to Saffron myself as well It was never quite the same without the twins. The past discrimination returned. Not that it mattered at that point, I wasn't exactly alive myself either. No, I had to retreat from this world. The only place to go from there was Celadon forest, the only other possible place that I could go without touching any other part of the world that would remind me of it all.


In hindsight, probably Gengar knew it all. No, this was pretty obvious. Gengar was the only one to be able to deal with Mewtwo's surveillance, just simply due to typing differences and what not. It was the only reason why Mewtwo couldn't actually do anything to Gengar. I'm sure that things began to make sense with Mewtwo through time, and that was why Gengar ended up having to use me too do things for him, or at least draw heat away from him. This skirmish between Mewtwo and I probably clued him in on Gengar's less-than-helpful presence.

Ah well, that was that. It is no longer of any consequence. Gengar is basically going all out against Mewtwo. Either way, I'm a dead man. That is life. I did remember to release my three pokemon though. They were merely tools, and I think deep down inside they knew that too. It was short, and it was fun. Hope they would do what they would want to do in the first place. It would seem that I'm already here. Short and sweet, right? That's how things work.

Arthas Yurza


As I sit here in the porch of my home in Saffron city, it's hard to believe that this was the final battleground in the great war. But strangely enough, it was the case. The city was rebuilt from the ground up for nearly a millennium ago, after all. This coalition between the two species has gone on for this long, partly because of the activities that Mew developed near the end of the war. But was this the case at all? was it that Mew was the one to tame Mewtwo? I want to, of course, attempt to answer this question.

I, of course, have my own motivation. I looked at my past, and found a strange break in my lineage. I can trace it all the way back to the war era, where the break happened. I could not exactly find out about anything time wise before that. This question boggled the mind of me as a historian. So I took it upon myself to do my research in Mt. Silver.

I should probably start this by talking about the actual history of the end of the great war. The last battle was in Saffron city, the final wall the humans had left. Historically, there was no record to what had happened during this time, but it was presumed that something caused a dramatic decrease in army morale that allowed the newgens to finish the war in their hands. Why was it that the war had ended before this battle finished?

Historians have pretty much been baffled by this question. Most have pointed out that likely Mewtwo gave the orders to retreat, but it was presumed somebody have convinced Mewtwo to stop, and end everything before it was too late. If that was true, then who convinced him?

There were deeper parts of Mt. Silver that never have had excavation attempts, so I took a crack team of archaeologists to help with this duty. It took several months of digging, but eventually we found a small chamber that was very well hidden from the rest of the mountain. In there we found this manuscript, and several artifacts. The artifacts included a knife, and several pokeballs, which were outlawed after the war. What was more interesting was that some of our Alakazam researchers did sense psychic remnants from the air within this chamber. I believe that this would mean we have found the chamber where Mewtwo was dwelling.

Of course, nobody would be dwelling here after all of these years, and it was presumed that Mewtwo simply left the world after the war had ended. Without any sort of convictions, the two species simply just tried to get along and prevent this tragedy from happening again. i must say that this did sustain itself for at least a thousand years, so we must be doing something right from that aspect.

What the manuscript brought was a firsthand account on the war. Any historian can tell you that this is perhaps the most precious thing about these manuscripts. What I find more interesting was this man's name. Arthas Yurza. Intuition told me that this was no coincidence, and it, to a certain point, did tell me at least why this may be the case where my heritage could not be traced further back, and why my lineage had some wealth. Though taken with a grain of salt, this may fit, but unlikely to be. From this man's perspective, it would seem that his children were never born. Thus it was an impossibility in which anything else could happen after that point. Even if they were born, things just couldn't be worked out.

Ah well, at least I tried.

Another important factor in this manuscript is simply the fact that it mentioned River's Light. Historically River's Light was a tragic event, where many people died, presumably due to swamp gas within the Fuchsia Swamps. It was called River's Light because people often have hallucinations of looking into a river before death, as shown in several medical notes of that time. It would seem that this event was nothing more than a natural occurrence, but it did kill many.

Another rather strange theme in this manuscript was the mention of Gengar. Historically this figure was a very talented general that helped Mewtwo take over Cerulean City with force. If what was said here was true, then something is wrong with history itself. What is right and what is wrong can no longer be determined under these circumstances. Strange that this account would directly contradict other historical evidence. Likely, however, that both accounts are slightly off, and that the real account would be buried in between somewhere, as we really don't know what happened there even in this first hand account. It was simply something that probably should not be told anyway. This will be my next assignment. I must say that this trip was fun, and now it's time to get back to work.

Stephen Yursa, historian.
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