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Default Should The URPG Open A New "Branch" At PokéCommunity?

This is something that another member suggested a while ago, and back then, I didn't think it was a good idea. But, after thinking about it for a few months, I've realized that opening a new "Branch" of the URPG at PC can really spark some serious activity, and benefit both forums.

I'm by no means suggesting a move away from PE2K - we'll still stay here, too.

Think about it - the PokéCommunity is much more active than PE2K. We could easily get plenty of new members at PC, and new members means more potential refs, and more potential story graders. More new battlers, more new stories. Plus if we use the same systems that are currently used over here, members of the PE2K URPG can interact with members of the PC URPG. (For example, a someone from PC can ref a battle between two PE2Kers, or somebody from PC can battle somebody from PE2K.) Thus, something like this will spark activity over here, too.

I've talked to Kairi (A PC Mod) about this, and she seemed receptive to the idea, but now that the forums are back, I want to hear what everybody else thinks.

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