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Default Re: Should The URPG Open A New "Branch" At PokéCommunity?

Yes, the forum downtime was pretty ugly. I won’t deny that we might have lost quite a few members because of it, but nonetheless, what is done is done. It couldn’t have been foreseen by anyone, but regardless, I think we’re all glad it’s back online.

As far as moving the URPG to PokéCommunity, I’d have to leave my answer at no. For one thing, the URPG is one of the many things that make Pokémon Elite 2000 unique from the other forums. In many cases, the URPG is one of the core competencies of PE2K that can not be matched by any other forum, and gives us a potential strategic advantage over other forums when it comes to features. If we hand that over to PC, we lose one of our advantages. Also, the situation looks unfavorable to us, since if PC were to fully deploy the URPG, no doubt its increased activity would draw away members from here to there instead. Who would really want to stay here when more of the URPG activity is going on at PC?

And then again, the URPG would be just one of the many overly active things happening there, and would just be lost in the crowd. Here, the URPG is appreciated for its presence and is given specific focus and purpose. At least 90% of us have URPG stats and have been participating in it in the past or still continue to be a part of it. Also, the URPG leaders, refs and graders already have a good idea of how the URPG is run. If we hand that over to PC, who have very little, if any knowledge about how it is run, they may not handle it the way it’s supposed to be done. Making a new branch in PC means training more refs, more graders, and getting enough people to get the URPG moving along. Plus, they might have their doubts about the whole idea while we know it’s tried and true. It might be very hard to get some people at PC to get serious about the URPG and strive to make it work. If the URPG fails at PC, people at PC are just going to look at the URPG at PE2K and think we’re putting all our efforts into a failed idea, even though it works perfectly for us.

Yes, I know this is a worst case scenario. Still, I had to bring this to the table.

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