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Default Re: Official PE2K Trading Center - D/P (All smaller trades go here)


Name: Tony
Friend Code: 0043 9347 9797
Version: Pokemon Pearl
Contacts: TonyV3Catz (AOL), tony3cats (Yahoo), Tony3cats (AOL)
Pokemon (ALL MUST BE LEGIT): Shiny Torchic, shiny Eevee, shiny female Ralts, shiny Cresselia, shiny Deoxys, shiny Kyogre, shiny Mewtwo, shiny Regirock, shiny Cyndaquil, shiny Articuno, shiny Suicune, shiny Bulbasaur, EV-trained Umbreon, shiny Kingdra, shiny Dusclops w/ Reaper Cloth, shiny Moltres, shiny Zapdos, shiny Trapinch, EV-trained Magnezone, shiny Registeel, shiny Lugia, shiny Houndour, 4 100% LEGIT MOVIE DARKRAIS (only people that can clone with AR are able to trade this), shiny female Combee


Shiny EV-trained Scyther (Wanted: shiny female Ralts)
Shiny Drapion (Wanted: shiny Eevee)
Shiny Latias (Wanted: shiny Cresselia)
Shiny Swablu (Wanted: shiny Torchic)
Shiny Ho-oh (Wanted: shiny Moltres)
Shiny Latios (Wanted: shiny Deoxys)
Shiny Dialga (Wanted: shiny Kyogre)
Shiny Mew (Wanted: shiny Zapdos)
Shiny Manaphy (Wanted: shiny Mewtwo)
Shiny Banette (Wanted: shiny Dusclops w/ Reaper Cloth)
Shiny Palkia (Wanted: shiny Regirock)
Shiny Charmander (Wanted: shiny Cyndaquil)
Shiny Metagross (Wanted: EV-trained Umbreon)
Shiny Mesprit (Wanted: shiny Suicune)
Shiny Rayquaza (Wanted: shiny Articuno)
Shiny Grovyle (Wanted: shiny Bulbasaur)
Shiny EV-trained Scizor (Wanted: shiny Kingdra)
Shiny Porygon (Wanted: shiny Trapinch)
EV-trained Blissey (Wanted: EV-trained Magnezone)
Shiny Regice (Wanted: shiny Registeel)
Shiny Groudon (Wanted: shiny Lugia)
Shiny male Ralts (Wanted: shiny Houndour)
Shiny Buizel (Wanted: shiny female Combee)
ALL OF THESE INCLUDED WITH ANY OF THE ITEMS I HAVE (Wanted: 4 100% LEGIT MOVIE DARKRAIS (2 for someone else on PE2K, one for me, one for my girlfriend))
I have others, too, so just ask.

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