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Default Re: Should The URPG Open A New "Branch" At PokéCommunity?

Ok, I hate the idea of moving and so naturally I wouldn't be entirely fond of any innuendo that would suggest it, but to have another branch would spark some interesting bit of activity. This is how I'd view it. PE2k would be the original URPG HQ, where we hold the central office and make the official ruels etc. We could have "international" branches in various forums all over the internet, with seperate sets of administration within those branches. Annually, an international URPG event could be held with various teams facing off, defending their home forum boards. Of course we'd have some bits of administration from here existing in the various forums who will be responsible for reporting forum actions to here. Auctions and similar events will be completely the same in all forums (We may have to have an inter-forum regulator or ambassador of sorts), but different forums could have independent events that will be only available to the members of their respective forums.

Of course I'm not saying doing this is a great idea and everyone should commit to, but its just something to think about. Would spark up some interesting activity.
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