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Default Re: Should The URPG Open A New "Branch" At PokéCommunity?

Originally Posted by Marth
Time for making my comment.
I believe we owe PE2K a lot. Since we moved here from Y! Groups, our members have come MOSTLY from PE2K. The least we can do is, like Neopikachu says, make the PE2K unique becauase of the URPG.
Opening a branch in PC has advantages, I agree. But still, there are other ways of getting more active. Has anyone of you ever gone to a pokémon chat and tried to get members?
Vellyvel commented that he had a "contact" to get the URPG a few members (30 he said). I wonder what is he waiting for?
I've been seriously thinking about, creating a back-up forum for the URPG, just like the Ultra-Rpg was for the Ultimate-Rpg. And hell it was helpful when the Ultimate was deleted.
That way, we won't lose members when the PE2K forums are down.
That's my opinion.
my contact is currently away, I shall discuss this buissness venture with my contact when my contact comes back
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