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Default Re: Poké Radar Shiny Pokémon Hunting. The GOOD way. AKA my way.

Originally Posted by troacctid View Post
You do realize that chaining doesn't increase your chances of finding a shiny? The odds are still about 1/8000 no matter how high your chain goes. The only reason the Pokéradar is good for finding shinies is because it lets you find a lot of one specific Pokémon without being interrupted. For example, in my Sapphire, I was looking for a shiny Lunatone and I found a shiny Zubat instead . If I had been in my Pearl, I could have used the Pokéradar to eliminate my chances of finding a Zubat and concentrate solely on Lunatones. However, even if I had a 100-Lunatone chain, the odds of finding a shiny one as the 101st would still be the same.
What are you talking about, when you chain, the chances of finding a shiny increases by just a little bit. and its 1/8125 chance of finding a shiny gets lowered ervery time you catch or defeat a pokemon. and let me ask you one thing, why would they make shiny patches if the encounter of finding a shiny pokemon stays the same? If your going to be on this site, get some freakin' common sense!

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