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Default Re: Zangoose Survivor Game (NO MORE SIGN-UPS!)

Okay, nobody wants it? Fine, dude. I'll roll again.

Out of a random roll of 1~22, #7 was rolled. Kay, Kayla (get it? Kay? HAHAHAHA ) , you're a Zangoose.

1. KingofRohan888 (NORMAL)
2. Draconic_Espeon (NORMAL)
3. Eeveeking929 (NORMAL)
4. ~Falcon~ (NORMAL)
5. Linoone (NORMAL)
6. Canis Lupus (War-Hardened Veteran Soldier Defense x1)(Panzy Rebel Soldier Defense x1)
7. Anala (NORMAL)
8. S-O-BTrainer (NORMAL)
9. Team Phoenix (NORMAL)
10. BladeTest (NORMAL)
11. hbmacho101 (NORMAL)
12. Larvinator (NORMAL)
13. LoaferBoyzX (NORMAL)
14. Pikablu Pie (NORMAL)
15. Deoxys200 (NORMAL)
16. FlameRyushin (NORMAL)
17. Charbok (NORMAL)
18. PalkiaandBlisseyRock (NORMAL)
19. uxie (Panzy Rebel Soldier Defense x1)
20. Diesel 34 (NORMAL)
21. Gaby (NORMAL)

1. katosen27 (ZANGOOSE)
2. Peekaboo Pikachu (ZANGOOSE)
3. Dark Rider (ZANGOOSE)
4. Venasaur456 (ZANGOOSE)
5. joey957 (ZANGOOSE)
6. sonickid01 (ZANGOOSE)
7. Noob of all noobs (ZANGOOSE)
8. Kayla (ZANGOOSE)
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]
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