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Default Re: Should The URPG Open A New "Branch" At PokéCommunity?

Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33
i forgot about the backup forum the first week. then i heard this forum would be back a week later so i didn't want to have people post there then we have to post back here when this is back and it might just be too confusing to go to the backup for a week. i dunno. i lost the mouse to my comp most of the time (dad took it) so i couldn't be on the comp anyway. lol.

the backup forum has always been listed in the rules thread, first post. don't worry Dux, even Matthew, who created that forum, forgot about it. heh.

back on topic-- we should stay PE2K oriented and not venture away from it.

But can you honestly say that a majority of the members actually read the entire thing?

Heh.... lol.
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