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Default Re: slashy and perrys new shop!

Welcome to my portion of the thread! <3

Please note that these forms are for MY orders. If you don't want me doing your fusion, don't use my form!

I Am Currently: Open for requests.


Eggs have no form. I just make them how I feel like they should look. XD
Even eggs of the same pokemon may not look the same the second time around!


Just let me know which sprite you want me to recolor and I'll try my best!


Trainer Edits:

-Trainer Edit Form-
Trainer Sprite(s):
Trainer Desc: (Ref pics are love)
Anything else I should know:
Tiny Trainer Edits:

-Overworld Trainer Edit Form-
Trainer Ref: (If you have a ref picture that would be FANTASTIC)
Anything else I should know:

-Fusion Form-
Pokemon you want used: (Max three at the moment)
Base Sprite:
Which Game Sprites: (Default D/P sprites. Leave blank if you have no pref.)
Fusion Name: (if you have one)
Anything else I should know:(Do not be too specific. I like creative liberty.)
Ridiculously Tiny Fusions:

-Ridiculously Tiny Fusion Form-
Pokemon you want used: (Max two at the moment)
Base Sprite:
Anything else I should know:(Do not be too specific. Have you seen how small these are?)
User Bars: closed

-User Bar Form-
Background Color:
User Icons:

-Icon form-
Images in Icon:
background color/image:
Words on Left:
Word on top:
Words on bottom:
Other Stuff:

Stuff I would like to try out some time:

- Trainer Cards
- Pixel overs
- devamps
- Pokeballs


Okay, so you -may- make requests, but I have a right to say no if you don't give me enough to go on or if I'm just not interested in doing what you want. XD
Just make a request. It doesn't hurt to ask, right? I am interested in attempting anything!
So fire away. <3

I am currently not taking art requests. Just sprites. I may be interested in Art Trades though!


1. No flaming my or anyone elses art.
2. Do not bug or pester me on my thread or in PMs. One PM reminder is more than enough if I don't get something to you in a week.
3. Save to your own computer. I will not be keeping them on mine.
4. Do not alter without permission. Resizing is fine.
5. No stealing! Duh.
6. Even if I haven't done something before, feel free to request it! I'm up to trying new things.
7. Credit!
8. By not filling out a form you are giving me permission to make your edit look however I want. Be aware.
9. You may order more than one item, just try not to over-do it. Limit four requests right now.

More rules will come if the need becomes clear.

Orders I'M doing:
Originally Posted by Zane View Post
This is too awesom!
I worship you!

Hmm...You say your'e interested in attempting anything you say?
Well than i have a challenge for you!
Is there anyway you could turn this into a Heartless?
You would be the most pwnful person if you could!
Originally Posted by da ink View Post
If you can can you try to make this a heartless? [IMG][IMG]
If you can then youre gnarley!!!!
Originally Posted by Kitty-chan View Post
Hello, I have a request. I'm willing to be as patient as needed, since I'm pretty sure it might take a while.

-Trainer Edit Form-
Trainer Sprite(s):[IMG][IMG]
This one as base, please. Just get ride of the bag.

Trainer Desc: Lenne from FFX-2
Almost exactly like that, but instead of the hair like that, with all the tiny annoying beads DX, you can keep it the design it is already. Just make it dark brown please. ^_^

Name: Kitty-chan

Anything else I should know: If any of the ruffles prove to be too hard, you can cut them out of the outfit as you see fit. I'm very open minded about this one, since it is rather complicated.

I will give credit to you, when you are finished. Please and thank you. ^_^
Originally Posted by Ninja TK View Post
-Tiny Trainer Edit Form-
Trainer Ref: Best pic I could find XD
Gender: male
Name: Renji Abarai
Anything else I should know: Make it look pwnsome.

Joint Sprite Shop | My Sprite Shop

Name: Perry
FC: 0473 4506 2886

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