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Default Re: Separate Trainer Stats Board

Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33
-the thing about bumping is... you can't bump your thread like proboards.
-plus, there would be a stickied thread that lists all the members in ABC order and link to their stats, so it won't matter too much where your stat thread is.
-and, some members want two posts for their stats... because they can't fit everything they want in one post. that isn't a good excuse but i think two posts for stats will make them cleaner to look at.

in the long run, i think it will be easier. eventually, i will run out of space to fit links in the current stat threads. the next post is Allie's and i can't ask her to move her stats if she isn't around.

You make some interesting points. There were some bumpers at the PB forum who bumped by deleting the old thread and making a new one, so that can still be done. But as far as running out of room for links in the current thread, yeah... that could be a problem. But maybe you could take hyperlinks out of the later names on the list and just link to a page? Later pages aren't hard to scroll through because most of those posts don't have 50+ pictures like page one stats do. Oh, this would be a pain to do, but you could also make the links to posts shorter with I don't even use the links though, I just look at the page number whoever I wants stats are on and go there. It works beter for me.

Although probably the best thing that you mentioned and I hadn't even considered is having 2 page stats. For some people, that's quite a problem, and in the current situation, long stats often take my slower computer 5 or so minutes to load. So in that aspect, it could be good. But using would help too... or plain leaving pictures out, waiting forever for the page to load down to my stats because of other people's pictures is plain-out annoying. O.o

Hm, most of the against views are more of, "It's hardly a difference...", so I guess in general it's a good thing. But can you make the links in the new system non-popup? Maybe it's just me, maybe it's not, but popup links make my Internet crash...
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