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Default Re: Separate Trainer Stats Board

I voted no, purely because I see nothing really wrong with the Trainer Stats as they are.

Any URPGers who have been around here for a while now know where their stats are, and any newbies to the URPG only have to look at the end of the thread.

But maybe I'm just saying this because I don't really participate in the URPG much now... meh, I still stand by what I said though, I think that the Trainer Stats being a thread is much better than making a whole board for it.

Besides, how can we guarantee that EVERY SINGLE URPGer is gonna' move their stats over to the new board, unless one person copies everyone's stats, but then they might change during that time period...

Now I've confuzzled myself,

Well, simply put, nah, I prefer the stats as they are, ^_^
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