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Default Re: Mo Club

Moe of THIS time period!

Well it's inevitable that this was going to happen. So it's time for some Kozue Aboa, who has the same name as Aoba from Jinki/Extend series. But they're like pretty different in it that this Aoba encompasses almost every personality-based fetish you can think of, I think.

Kozue is from Mahoraba, which is a rather cute anime. The premise is simply that Shiratori moved in to the inn and things got rolling (slice of life, anyone?). The catch? Our babe here have what 5 different personalities that he'll have to deal with? Isn't that a bad deal? Or a good deal? I'm not sure.

Hey, there even are lolis amongst that group, which is strange, because Kozue herself isn't a loli, but rather moe. Then again, they're all moe. We even gots the tsundere. XD

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