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Default ChubbySmeargle's Trading Thread

Err, yeah, just figured since I got a bit more stuff now to trade I could make my own thread now. I don't have anything spectacular nor quite rare to trade but I'm usually not asking for the seven wonders either so.
Anywho, here's what I can trade and breed and some items I could give. I might also makes some EV trained pokes sometimes, as they seem to be valuable here.

-Dialga Lvl 47 Relaxed, legit
-Palkia Lvl 47 Brave, looks legit, might be touched
-Giratina Lvl 70 Lax, legit
-Heatran Lvl 70 Rash, legit
-Articuno Lvl 50 Sassy, legit
-Zapdos Lvl 50 Modest, legit
-Latias Lvl 48 Calm, legit, touched

-None for now

EV Trained:
..none. :c

Can breed:
-Any of the starters from all generations

Somewhat But Not So Rarer stuff:
-Larvitars with Dragon Dance and Outrage
-Meditites with Dynamic Punch, Shadow Ball and Detect
I also give out miltanks with pokérus for free, for anyone bothering to ask here or PM me. :P I got boxes full of those I need to clean..

Items! Number in parenthesis is the number I can trade:
-Heart Scales (Severals)
-Oval Stone (1)
-Dusk Stone (1)
-Thunderstones (6)
-Everstones (2)
-Fire Stones (7)
-Quick Claws (2)
-Sun Stones (2)
-Skull Fossils (2)
-Claw Fossils (3)
-Electirizer (1)
-Exp. Shares (3)

-03 Water Pulse
-10 Hidden Power
-21 Frustration
-29 Psychic
-39 Rock Tomb
-40 Aerial Ace
-47 Steel Wing
-53 Energy Ball
-60 Drain Punch
-62 Silver Wind
-69 Rock Polish
-86 Grass Knot
-92 Trick Room

What I want:
I give more for nicknable pokes. :P Also, I only name the most evolved by reflex, if you got pre-evos or mid-evos that fits the description I'll accept them anyway.
-Nidoqueen, Impish or Careful with good IVs in Defense and Special Defense

-Power Items (Attack, Defense and Special Defense)
-Metal Coat
-Choice Items

Object Of Envy And Lust (aka the thing I really really really REALLY x 1000 want to the point I'd create a miltank canon to shoot a miltank over the moon make that dangabit song a reality. 8| ):
Shiny lugias, untouched ones.... nicknamable. I'd explode if anyone got that. :P

PM me or post here if there's anything that interests you or something. As for my Friend code and trainer name, just check my sig.

Also; I'm crazy about Lugia ..any lugia do. D:
Luuuugiaaa! :D

Name: Eddy
Fwiend Code: 0043 9804 5824

I breed random stuff, just ask, chances is I'll be able to get it.
Trade Thread! I got random stuff and never ask for much.

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