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Default Re: Gym TM Clarifications and Final Ruling(s)

From what I gather, he insists that the Gym TM can only be taught to Gym Pkmn and can only be used in Gym Battles.
Of course, you don't have illimited Tm's for your pokemon. Gym TM can only be taught to (in that moment) gym pokémon, not to-be-gym-pokémon, like your Charmander.

He even insists that my Hot Foot (Blaziken) can't use it out of Gym Battles. Blaziken was on my Gym Team from the start of getting my Gym. When the thing with ownership was settled, I already had evolved my Starter and got my Gym back rightfully. The Rule back then was only 1 Pkmn had to be owned, not two or more as is now (I think). When I got my Gym, I immediately taught Overheat to Blaziken and then Sunny Day after the switch. Jack let me keep one Overheat TM from before the switch, also.
That is Jack's decition, and won't say anything until he says something.

My Gloom also knows the Gym TM, Sunny Day.
If you mean that you DIDN'T buy Sunny Day for Gloom, you are cheating. If you mean that you buy the Tm Sunny Day for Gloom, this affirmation is not necesary.

The way he says, it takes out all the fun of having an unlimited Gym TM, because in his way only Gym Pkmn can use it and only in Gym Battles. One of the perks of having a Gym is the unlimited use of the TM on any Pkmn that the Trainer (out of Gym Battles, of course) owns or has traded to him/her.
The TM is EXCLUSIVLY to the CURRENT gym pokémon, and should not be used OUTSIDE of it unless you buy it for the pokemon you own. The unlimited Tm's for gym pokémon SHOULD NOT be considerated a reason for owning one. It is just an extra feature, because, if you give a TM when you lose, then that TM is part of your gym pokémon. That's it.

Please if you are not one of the three in question (Me, Dux, Jack, or SF) only post if you have something productive to say.
Dude, you cannot decide if what a person says it's productive or not, It is their opinion and should always be taken in mind (Except if it's Fair with his Bob Dole stuff, of course)

Edit: bronislav84: and no, my gloom knows the gym TM, not a bought TM from the mart. (That's cheating dude)
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