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Default Re: Unfair Dismissal

Ok children. Romper room will come to order. Now Dan...Jt is correct. You had more than a month to notice the thread. And as far as I know not everyone is in the same boat as you. I'm sure u coulda came on at night time or something and post your position. And having those distractions is nohting. I've been at work all week, when i posted my position, from 5:30 in the evening to about midnight. And I'm still working those hrs and I had exams this week as well. So don't be complaning about all these distractions when most people had the same ones. I'm sorry Dan, but you really could have found the time.

And Tony, there was no point in callin JT a jack off was there? C'mon guys, we're all suppose to be friends here.
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