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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

I am not trying to go against you or anything, but leo, did you even work on it? There is nothing good about those Proboards forums, first of all, get rid of that eyeburning blue, especially with black text all over it. You'd be the next thig related to pokemon, after the Porygon episode to give people seizures. Also please, please have something different on the forums for people to come on your site, just don't be another wanna-be-famous-like-serebii, cuz your site will never be famous like serebii, because there is nothing special to it. For example these are some famous site about Pokemon
PE2K is appreciated, basically for its information about Pokemon and sprites.
Serebii became famous because it has all the possible information about Pokemon.
Smogon is famous for its Net Battle servers and Pokemon Information.
Pokeuniverse is famous because of their Net Battle servers and their Pokemon Information as well.

Now you may think of this as a rant, or maybe just some blabber, and it's upto you to decide that, I have just presented my views on it.

Coming to more serious part, while also being on-topic,
We need more members at Mamodo Battledome, and it is really good.
If you are interested in Zatch Bell, please visit it.
A link to it has been provided by Volcanflame, or you could click on the one in my sig.


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