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Default Re: The best Poké-game ever, created by you!

Originally Posted by ~*KhrypticCello*~
A Mario style side scroller! You could be Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic! It's based in the Houen region, and each level is a gym leader's town, like Mossdeap, Fortree, etc.
At the end of each level is the "Gym leader" like a boss. The actual boss would be the gymleader's main pokemon, like Roxanne's Nosepass, Brawly's Makuhita, etc. For beating a gym leader, you get a badge that grants you an HM ability that grants you access to the next town!! Hoohah! And and the very end, you battle the Elite Four! Foooooohahaha!
This is more like an action game.
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