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Default Quick, the Name Snake, it's running away, I may lose...

Heh, okay, so it's a crazy name, but this game has a simple aim...

First, I'll post a letter of the alphabet, and then you must post the name of one Pokémon whose name begins with that letter, and once every Pokémon whose name begins with that letter has been named, the member left without a Pokémon to name must declare the next letter.

There is a point to this though, every member who posts the name of a Pokémon gets 1 point, and once every letter from A to Z had been exhausted, the points will be tallied up and a winner declared, and then we could start it all over again.

So for example, if I started the game by declaring the letter "D", then everyone would have to post the names of Pokémon whose names begin with "D", eg. Dunsparce

And once every Pokémon whose name begins with "D" has been named, the next person to post declares the next letter, eg. "N"

Some restrictions though:
- I cannot participate in this, just to be fair, I will only declare the first letter, and then I may post occasionally with an update on the points.
- If you declare a letter, you cannot name a Pokémon in that same post, because it's rather unfair for the letters with next to no Pokémon, eg. "X"
- A letter cannot be declared twice, you must declare a letter which has not yet been used, and only after all 26 letters have been used, and the points have been tallied, may the alphabet be restarted again for a second runthrough.
- Similarly, a Pokémon cannot be declared twice, for the same reasons as above, because if so, then the first letter would go on forever with everyone posting the same thing, :P

Finally, the following Pokémon are the ONLY ones which you may add to the regular list of 386 Pokémon from Bulbasaur to Deoxys:
- Sunny Castform
- Rainy Castform
- Snowy Castform
- Attack Deoxys
- Defense Deoxys
- Speed Deoxys



Now then, HOPEFULLY, this will be my first game to be successful, but if not, then at least I tried, :P


The first letter to be declared is:
Previously DragonMasterDan.
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