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Default Art! Magazine Project

Ok, I am creating a Art magazine, by MS Paint, and I need YOUR help. What I am going to do is create this magazine, with funny ads, and helpful articles, and I need a committee. I need articles, and tutorials, and I am going to be scouting for the best sprites in a category. Then the winner can have a short thing on their life, so sprites they've done and more.

In order to help, you need to post your topic. If it is an ad, then just post what It should look like, or provide it. You cannot submit a sprite here to be in the Best category, but I will be looking out for it. If you like, PM me a hint, and I'll check out your stuff.

There will be a contest, and a poll on this like Gotta Sprite Em' All, and if I like, I may create a little site for it. It may be freewebs if anything, and It will include helpful stuff.

Articles must include an important topic, not something stupid. There will be different types of pages, like Spriting Pages, Graphic Pages, Fan Art Pages, Contests, and Pokemon General. There may be more, If I choose. Ok, and after we get all the topics, I'll make a big credits page, telling about your contribution. I hope we succeed in our goal!

Good Luck You guys!



-Sprite Galleries-

-Pokemon News Articles-

NoaN: Shady Campaign!
SE: My Little Ponyta!

(You can reserve articles, If you like)

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