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Default Re: Art! Magazine Project

Originally Posted by Shadow Eevee View Post
I'll join! Your choice for what I should do. Examples of content on my site.
Ok, I'll check that out. Ok. Why don't you start maybe a few funny ads.
Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Do you want Tutorials on how to make Sprites like Fusions and stuff?
I'll accept any tutorials you give.
Originally Posted by KenyaPearlGirl View Post
I can do tuts for some stuff! and i could be the jornulist (the person that writes the articals and/or gets the news for them
Sure, you can be journalist. I know what it means by the way,

First Topic: Find Out Why there have been some many new things in the sprite section. Interveiw mods, and members, and ask if they like or don't like the changes.
Originally Posted by da ink View Post
I could give links to sprite places i know alot
I'll take care of that. You can try something else. Sorry,
Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
ME to.......Here is a Midget Tutorial<-----------Click it
Ok. I'll accept it.

Magazine Cover Template!

Please check it out, and critique.
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