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Default Re: The Morals Behind a Murder [oneshot]

Originally Posted by BryceBoy10 View Post
I see that i have had about 26 views so far, but not ONE of you could leave even a SHORT review of my fic?

I REALLY need to know if this was a success or not, just for my own personal reasons and such, so really if you read this fanfic, Please leave me a comment or review because this is only my 2nd fic EVER! and i need to know! [rambling] l0l
Hm..I'm not sure how to say this but I get the feeling as if your vocab. is a bit heavy handed. It is a good story (while I never enjoy the topic of someone killing themselfs or any verison of said killing, I have been around it and feel that too much focus is put on how 'noble and tragic' the new 'emo' crowd wants it to seem) but the wording, most of all the ending, just comes across to me as being a little too melodramatic...
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