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Default Re: The Morals Behind a Murder [oneshot]

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
Don't get me wrong I am a very sensitive person,I cry very easily in real life :\. It just was not written in such a way that I felt for the character, the pokemon maybe, but not the person being killed. It made me wonder just why the pokemon would love her in the first place, and your 2nd person pov did not draw me in becuase if it was me doing the action I personality would not have obeyed :P. That is the thing about 2nd person, you are pretty much saying what someone does/will do. If said reader does not agree with those actions you have a higher chance of them stopping reading...
That's why I like the 'I' rather than the 'you' pov :)
Well the description of the human trainer and how she was portrayed wasnt supposed to make you like her, it was actually supposed to do the opposite. That kind of represented another internal struggle because the pokemon didnt like her but HAD to obey her, ummm also, the bulbasaur tried to remember her as the child she once was.....

As for the pokemon, in the way i told about it/you i tried to make you feel sorry for it/you because of such a callous trainer she is.....

I totally agree w/ what you are saying about the actions that you would/wouldnt do because i understand that some ppl would be totally against the pokemon's actions. And that is why i stated at the beginning that i am totally new to 2nd person stuff, and i didnt really take into consideration what the reader would do in the pokemon's place. I now know that i have to carefully think about how the reader would feel and also how i want the story to go....... so thanks for pointing that out to me.

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