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Default Re: Trades

I'm trading Poliwag~-#Hypnodisc#-~
Gender: Male
Ability: Water Absorb- Changes water into HP.
Battles played- 1
Battles Won- 1
Battles drawn- 0
TMs/HMs taught- Surf
{Holding waterstone} to magare for pineco. Confirm?


I'm trading Lileep~-#Fenshui#-~
Gender: Female
Ability: Suction Cups- Firmly anchors the body.
Battles played- 0
Battles Won- 0
Battles drawn- 0
TMs/HMs taught-0 to SF for sneasel, Confirm?

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)


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