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Default The Orb

The Orb

By Leman

The snow pounded on my frozen face as trudged through the four feet deep snow, into an oncoming blizzard. Call me crazy but I had to go. There’s no turning back, and there never will be, until I get what I need. If I told you the story, you might understand, but it’s too painful. I can’t; I don’t want to remember those horrors. Too terrible.

I kept my travelling cloak in front of my face, and my head down, as went deeper and deeper into this frozen wasteland. I had one hand holding my cloak over my face, though it did me no good. My face was still as cold as a Glalie. My other hand was clasping a small golden compass. It pointed North; the direction I needed to go, though in Canada, there’s hardly anything farther North.

I shut the compass, and stuffed it into one of my pockets, and dropped the useless coverage. It only made my arm tired. I squinted out into the white wilderness. I saw nothing. No landmarks, no Pokemon, no snowmobiles, no nothing. I suspected there were Abomasnow. I hated those damn Pokemon, with those Hale storms that follow them like thunderstorms to an unlucky cartoon character, and now that storm cloud was hovering over my head.

I dropped my head and continued, for what seemed like hours, though only probably only were couple minutes. There was quiet “thumping” noise as something collided with my face. I leapt backwards, and yelled, “Ouch”, but it was drowned out by the sound of the roaring snowstorm. My hand flew to my forehead where I had been stuck, and came back red; covered in my own blood.

“Glaceon,” I muttered, without hearing thing, “Help.”

I tossed a small sphere out into the harsh wilderness, which was flickering between white and red, as I tried to wipe the blood off my eyes, before it froze. I couldn’t see Glaceon, only a small light blue-ish blob, a few feet in front of me.”

“Shadow Ball,” I roared, hoping that she would hear me, as I pointed in the general direction of where my attacker was.

A large purple and black blob flew forward from my light blue one, into the other thing. It was soon covered by flying snow, an unable to be seen. “Had it missed?“ I wondered, but my question was soon answered. I bellow, liked a wounded elephant erupted from in front of Glaceon. The attack had hit its mark. I smiled.

My luck was short lived. Shards of flying zoomed towards us, and struck us everywhere. Unlike the snowstorm, this ice was sharp, and stabbed at us.

“Mirror Coat,” I screamed, as the shards tore at my frozen face.

A flash of bright light erupted out of the blizzard, as another roar of pain erupted from the attacking monster. The monster roared and stomped around madly.

“Come on, Glaceon,” I muttered, “Before it decides to retaliate.”

We shuffled out of in front of the monster and deeper into the snowstorm. I was nearly completely blinded by raging snow, and my face was completely frozen. I had to find shelter, fast. My forehead was covered in frozen blood from the stab from the mystery Pokemon.

I blindly followed Glaceon through the blizzard. She seemed to know where to go. I hoped it was somewhere warm, away from this wretched snow.

It was. In less than five minutes Glaceon had found a small cozy little cave, which I walked in slowly, shivering furiously.

“I n-n-need to light a fire,” I said through my chattering teeth. I stuck my hand into one of my coat pockets, and grabbed two small spheres, and tossed them into the middle of the cavern. They grew as they flew to the ground, and then exploded as they touched the rocky ground, and filled the cavern with bright light. When the light faded, two of the oddest creatures were standing there.

The first was what looked like a red monkey wearing something like a gold and silver body armor. It had a huge mane of flames on top its head. Filled with energy, it bounced up and down in place, screeching and whipping its tail around, like an excited puppy.

The other was a calmer, smaller Pokemon. It looked a little like a cat, except for the fact that its body was almost entirely made up of leaves. Upon being released it sat down, and began to watch the monkey bounce up and down energetically.

“L-leaf-f-feon, Inf-fern-n-nape, s-s-start a f-fire, p-p-please,” I said through shivers.

The two did not need telling twice. With a quick swish of its head, leaves flew from Leafeons head, and crashed into the wall, and fell down into a nice neat pile. Infernape pushed the pile over to the center of the room and sprayed them with flames from the palms of his hands. The leaves went ablaze with a small tower of flames, in the middle of the room.

I scooted towards it, and began to warm my hands above it. I took of my outer traveling cloak, and sat on top of it. The three Pokemon sat in the back of the cave, apparently having a discussion on something. I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking about what happened, trying to make sense of it.


It all happened one month ago. I was coming home from work, to spend an afternoon with my family. I’m a detective, and I had just finished a case involving a missing Altaria. We had found her stuffed up some rotten man’s chimney. Anyways, when I got home, the door was slightly ajar, but the house was empty. Not a person there, or so it seemed .The lights were off, and all the furniture was in their right spots, the house did not feel right. I called out to all of them. No answer.

I assumed that they had gone off somewhere, for a while and merely hadn’t returned yet. So, I sat down on top of the couch, grabbed the remote, and flicked on the television. I began flipping through the channels, and stopped it on the news. It was uneventful. Nothing was going on at the moment.

Steadily the house darkened, and the afternoon turned into night. They had still not returned.

I sighed, and flipped on the living room lights. BANG! There was a huge explosion and three Pokemon leapt out of each of the three doors leading into the living room.
The first was a yellow humanoid Pokemon, with gigantic arms and large, furry feet. It had a squashed looking head, and zigzagging black stripes all over it body. There were two long black tails sticking out of it that flashed angrily. A bolt of lightning was sizzling in between its large hands.

The second looked somewhat liked an overgrow mushroom combined with a Kangaroo with boxing gloves. It leapt out of the doorway, and knocked over the sofa, I had been sitting on before. It was green, and brown, and the gloves it had were bright read. It swished its brown tail around angrily, and hopped up and down on the spot.

Out of the third door charged a huge bluish dragonic monster. It somewhat resembled a shark, with two huge fins on its forearms, and the odd crown thing on its head. It had a huge, powerful tail, large sharp claws, and a mouthful of teeth like knives.

A man walked in behind the Electivire. He was tall, dark skinned, and bald. He wore a dark suit and sunglasses, and sneered.

“Hello. I see you have met my accomplices,” he said coolly, as he began naming them, starting with the Electivire. “Saboro, Menyolla,” He pointed to the Breloom, “and Phil.” He gestured towards the large dragon.

“I work for PATEA. The Pokemon Artifact Thieving Evilly Association. We specialize in evilly stealing Pokemon artifacts. Now the PATEA has chosen you to find this next artifact that they will. You will take t, and bring it back,” he explained.

“Why would I do that?!” I demanded.

“Because we have your family.”


I woke with a start. It was hours later. The fire had gone out, and Infernape, Leafeon, and Glaceon were fast asleep in the corner of the room. I stood up and began walking around the room.

“Why did they want me to get it? Had I done something terrible to them?” I said out loud.

“Why do you ask?” sneered a cold voice from the mouth of the cave.

I spun around to face the voice. It was the bald man. He was still wearing a suit, and his three ‘accomplices’ were still with him. Saboro was on his right, Menyolla on his left, and Phil standing behind him.

“Why are you here?!” I yelled.

“Why shouldn’t be here?” he replied simply.

“Grr, get rid of him!” I roared to my Pokemon.

Must have already been up, and awake. They charged at Saboro, Menyolla, and Phil, ready to beat them to a pulp.

“Dynamic Punch, Saboro,” said the man in Black as he, Manyella and Phil stepped back into the snow. Saboro leapt up into the air, his fist glowing and smashed it into the top of the cave. Huge boulders dropped down from the top of the cave, covering the entrance. Infernape, Leafeon, and Glaceon stopped, as boulders came crashing down. We heard a high, cruel laugh, and the man saying, “Bye-bye,” and then continued his laugh.

The entire cave shook as more boulders fell. The entire cave was thrown into darkness.

Infernape lit a fire in him hand. The entire entrance was blocked. I yelled loudly, and slammed my fists against the wall. We had nowhere else to go, so we turned around, and promptly began walking further and further into the cave. It was pretty small. The four of us reached the back in half an hour.

Unfortunately, that meant we were trapped. I yelled again, angrily, and hit the wall again. Inferanape put a warm hand on my shoulder, and pushed me out of the way. He blew the flame, and began pounding the wall with his mighty firsts. When Infernape lit the flames again, they revealed a hole in the wall, large enough for all of us to crawl through. I grinned happily, showing off his large teeth.

We clambered through, and we were in a huge room, lined with a blue, marble flooring, and high, shiny ceiling. Our every footstep echoed across the room. Our eyes rested upon a single ray of light that came from a hole in the middle of the ceiling. Underneath it was a pillar. A white, lime stone pillar. On top the pillar was a remarkably life-like statue of a Meditite holding a Blue Orb.

That was it. The blue orb, what I had been looking for all along. I ran up to the stone Meditite, and wrenched the Orb out of its hands. I held it in the air triumphantly, and began to walk back to the doorway. The three Pokemon just stood at the door way staring at something over my shoulder. I was too happy to notice the looks of shock, and terror on their faces. That was until Infernape help up one hand, and pointed over my shoulder.

I stopped, and turned round. The white pillar was empty. The Meditite wasn’t there.

Suddenly Infernape screeched loudly and pointed up into the air. Meditite was hovering up there, its eyes blazing red. Its hands glowed purple, as it clapped. Huge shock wave erupted out of it every time the hands hit together. I yelled, and crouched down hoping that that would subdue the shaking.

There was a rushing noise, and a blue flash. Glaceon had fired a beam of ice air at Meditite. It hovered away, and dodged it. Leafeon, and Infernape raced over to begin fighting it. They both jumped, and tempted to slice at it. Two blasts of purple energy shot out of its red eyes, hitting Infernape square in the chest, knocking it to the ground. It groaned, but did not get up.

Leafeon however, sliced at it with its too long leaves for ears. A red X appeared on Meditite’s face, as Leafeon floated to the ground. It did not, grown, or grunt in pain. In fact it seemed like it didn’t notice the cuts at all.

Just then another blast of blue came flying through the air at the hovering Pokémon. Meditite countered by shooting two purple blasts from its eyes. One hit the blue beam, and the other hit the ground. Both exploded sending debris everywhere. Glaceon tried again, this time with Leafeon lobbing Frisbee sized razors at the Pokemon.

Meditite closed its piercing red eyes, as both attacks got closer, and put its hands together. At the last minute, before the two attacks, he lashed out with four immense blasts. Two green bolts from its hands, cutting the beam and the leaves in half, and smashing into both Pokemon. They were thrown backwards several feet.

Other two were purple, and flew out of its eyes. One flew harmlessly by me, and exploding when it hit the wall. The other, however, hurtled strait towards me. I held up the bright blue Orb as defense. The blast struck it, and time seemed to stop the beam slowly turned the same blue as the Orb. The blue spread up the beam, slowly until it was no longer purple, but completely blue.

The blue did not stop there. It continued up, and into the Meditite. Until it was completely blue. As soon as the color finished spreading though it, time sped up again. There was a rushing noise, a flash of blue light, and the color returned to normal.

Meditite was gone. I glanced at the Orb, and there he was; sitting there, inside of it. Suddenly the Orb shook violently and---


Note: Orb is capitalized on purpose, and the ~~~~~ mean flash back. :D

At the end there, I’m wondering if the Orb explodes, or holds the Meditite. If it explodes then it isn’t a capture, and if it does it is.

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