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Arrow Daycare Center

by: TT

Welcome. Here you will learn Breeding Moves (BM), Move Tutor moves(MT), or Special Moves(SM).

Here's what you do when you sign up:
Payment- $10,000

You may drop off 1 or 2 Pokémon to learn any Daycare Moves that it can learn. The amount of Daycare Moves you can learn is now unlimited.
You can only learn two Daycare Moves at a time. If you're putting 2 Pokemon in, one Daycare Move per Pokemon.

-One Day-
All Forms of Evolution and Non-Evolution Pokemon.

(1) A single Pokémon can learn an unlimited amount of Daycare Moves, provided it actually does learns it.
(2) The Pokémon to learn the move may not learn a Breeding Move or Move Tutor that is given to them as a TM.
Ex. Abra can't learn Fire Punch through Breeding because it can already learn it from a TM.
Ex2. Mr. Mime can learn Giga Drain through Breeding because it can't learn it from a TM.
(3) Pokémon that can't be breed are won't be able to learn any BM's.
Ex. Magnemite, Staryu
(4) The Pokémon evolution line can learn what the lowest can through normal Breeding. The Pokémon can be evolved or not evolved, it can still learn the Breeding Moves.
Ex. Charizard can learn Bite just like Charmander can.
(5) In order to drop off a Pokémon, you need to have more than 1 Pokémon in your party. Can't let you walk around without a Pokémon on your belt.
(6) You must wait until you time is up to put more Pokemon back into the Daycare.
(7) Tired of a BM/MT? Switch it out for another move. It will cost you $3,000 per move and 1 day in the Daycare.

*Extra Important*
Your Pokémon stay at the Daycare for three/four/five days, depending. That means you can't use it for a battle, trade, anything. It stays in the Daycare. However, if you do take it out (purpose or accidental) there will be a $1,000 fine and your Pokémon has to start over to relearn the move.

Once you post, your Pokémon stays here unless an Employee disagrees. After your time is up, your Pokemon is released.

You MUST put which Pokémon you own have Breeding Moves and Move Tutors taught to them. If you are caught cheating, like everything else, there will be penalties. But this will be more strict.

Note: When Diamond and Pearl came out, some Pokemon's Move Tutor and Breeding Moves changed to regular moves. If this happened to you, you can switch for another move. You must provide the link where you bought the MT/BM.

by: rust

Daycare Employees
All Moderators and Officials
Ash K.
LS the Door Mat
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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