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Default Re: Daycare Center-- NEW

Originally Posted by Lone Tiger
We have to pay $10,000 to put a Pokemon in the center? That seems a little expensive...
Abra learns Hypnosis through breeding, to me, that's worth the money.

there is no pay. you volunteer to help. though, if this is harder than it seems, maybe some pay will go out. but none as of now.

flare- lol
this should be enough for now:

if any mods/co-officials want to help, they may apply. anyone else is closed application.

Do we just have to look up Breeding moves and let them know when the correct amount of time passes?
yes. ex. Trainer applies with Abra to learn Hypnosis. Employee accepts them and how long it stays. when the time is up, an Employee (doesn't have to be the same one) posts releasing Pokemon to Trainer. the first post will have a list of who's in the Daycare.
all employees need to make sure the Pokemon are not used during their stay. this is important.

when will the daycare open? how about NOW!

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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