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Default Under Moon and Stars - One Shot.

I understand I have quite a few projects on the go already, but I really liked this one shot, so I decided to post it anyway. It's about religious girl and child, who are outcasts in society, and how the religious girl comforts the child. It've very...short. Sorry about that.


Akemi approached the young girl slowly that night, not wanting to frighten more than she must already be. Her figure lay hunched up against the dull stone wall, shaking uncontrollably. Akemi could hear her sobbing quietly, hiding her face as if this could hide her emotions. It seemed like she was crying her whole heart out, crying for every bad thing that had ever happened. Akemi laid one pale hand on the girl’s shoulder, she felt so cold.

“My dear, what troubles you?” she asked in her soft, gentle voice.

The girl did not look up to her when she replied; she continued to hide her head behind her knees. Akemi realized that she must only be 10, so young to have such a burden.

“I want to go home!” she cried, shaking even more. It was impossible to hide the sadness in her voice, “I want my mother!”

Akemi sat down beside her, putting her thin arm around the girl’s shoulders. She then brought her in closer to her, trying to comfort her. The stone floor was cold and uncomfortable and Akemi had to keep shifting her weight to find a comfortable position.

“You will see them soon,” she replied, stroking the girl’s head, “It does not end here.”

For a moment the girl did not reply, but her crying seemed to stop. There was silence, so silent that if a pebble had dropped it would have seemed as though a bomb had exploded. Then, slowly, the girl lifted up her head after what seemed a life time of silence. For her age she was very beautiful, her brilliant blue eyes shining with tears. Akemi reached forward and wiped away a silent, glistening tear.

“Why are we punished?” she asked quietly.

Akemi diverted her gaze to the moon, which shone brightly through the stone windows of the castle in which they hid. It was a full moon, perfect in every way. Why was the Earth not as perfect as the moon that Akemi gazed upon now?

“We are not being punished. Punishment comes only to those who have sinned,” she replied, the girl now gazing at her as if hanging on to her every word, “What sin could you have done to bring about such evil in the people of our world?”

Again there was silence, the girls face held in a thoughtful expression. Who, but Arceus, knew what was going on in her brain? She was so fragile; she did not deserve to go through this at such an age.

“Then why is this happening?” the girl asked.

Akemi turned back towards her and smiled, “We are being tested. Our hearts and soul are being tested. Will we be the ones to stand up against such evil, are we brave enough? Arceus works in strange ways, but I know that it is the ones who have cast us into exile that will be punished.”

“If we are being tested?” the girl asked, her voice trembling, “Will Arceus think me weak if I cry? Will He frown upon me?”

Akemi shook her head, smiling more, “He would not frown upon you for crying, for without weakness, there is no strength. Arceus will know why you cry, who you cry for. Your heart is strong, child; you will live to see brighter days. This is not a test of your strength, but a test of your heart. Be strong.”

The girl nodded and then broke back into the tears which had begun her and Akemi’s conversation. Akemi drew her close so she wouldn’t feel alone. Soon the child fell asleep, exhausted by her emotions. Akemi, however, could not sleep. She simply stared at the moon, praying that everything would be all right as one single tear fell down her soft cheek, momentarily sparkling in the light.

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