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Default Elrond's URPG Stats

Elrond's URPG Stats

Name: Justin
AIM: nobodysnerd1
Money: $52900
Occupations: Trainer, Coordinator, Councillor, Grader, Referee, Pastoria Gym Leader
Contest Stats
Park Stats

Battle Records reset on September 11th, 2009, so that normal battles and those used solely for evolution could be separated. My former record contains all battles from before the reset put together.

33 Wins / 25 Losses / 0 Draws

Evolution Battles:
31 Wins / 24 Losses / 0 Draws

Record before reset:
104 Wins / 196 Losses / 0 Draws

FFA Record
FFAs played:
40 + 3 Forum FFAs

Ladder Record:
1 Wins / 1 Loss / 0 Draw
(these battles are also included in the regular record)

Quizzes Taken Part in:
April 2009 [Rank: A; $13k]
April 2010 [Rank: A.5; $17.25K]

Current items:
HM03 Surf
HM07 Waterfall
Lum Berry x 10
Life Orb
Choice Scarf
Link Cable
Light Clay
Leftovers x 2
Iron Plate
Zap Plate
TM Shock Wave
TM Shadow Claw
TM Iron Tail
TM Flash Cannon
Story Ticket - reduces required length of stories by 20%

Items used:
TM 13 x 2
TM 24 x 3
TM 26 x 10
TM 29 x 2
TM Ice Punch
TM Return
TM 44
TM 48
TM 64
TM 127
TM Will-O-Wisp x 2
TM Overheat x 2
Water Stone
Leaf Stone
Razor Fang
Spirit Stone
Heart Scale x 2
Moon Stone
Soothe Bell x 4
TM Endure x 2
TM Rest
TM Sleep Talk
TM Stealth Rock
TM Drain Punch
TM Focus Blast
TM ThunderPunch
TM Solarbeam
TM Sunny Day
TM Fire Punch
TM Flamethrower
TM Ice Beam x 3
TM Stealth Rock
TM Iron Tail
TM Focus Punch x 5
TM Aerial Ace x 4
TM Ice Punch
TM Roost x 3
TM Stone Edge x 7
TM Taunt x 3
TM Toxic x 9
TM Protect x 6
TM Double Team
TM Substitute x 15
TM Rock Polish x 2
TM X-Scissor x 2
TM Thunder Wave x 5
TM Thunder x 2
TM Grass Knot x 6
TM Swords Dance x 3
TM Calm Mind x 2
TM Snatch
TM Fire Blast
TM Reflect x 3
TM Light Screen x 3
TM Bulk Up x 3
TM Shadow Ball x 3
TM Calm Mind
TM Sludge Bomb
TM Energy Ball x 2
TM U-Turn
TM Shock Wave
TM Roar x 8
TM Counter
TM Curse
TM Brick Break x 3
TM Shadow Claw x 2
TM Poison Jab
TM Rain Dance
Reaper Cloth
Shiny Stone
Dawn Stone
Oval Stone
Shiny Stone
Daycare Ticket
Premium Daycare Ticket






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