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Kat's Tales

Last Update: February 9th, 2011
Name: Rocio

Age: 18

Fandoms I Write/Wrote About:

- Danny Phantom {The fandom that got me into writing.}

- Pokémon {The fandom I currently write about and the one that helped me develop my writing the most.}

- Legend of Zelda {The fandom I write shameful little, never-to-be-finished stories that I enjoy re-reading and writing for myself and no on else.}

About Me: Writing is one of the only things I'm passionate about which means I'm always striving to be a better writer. My writing mostly consists on the out of the ordinary and supernatural because that's what interests me. I try to come up with plots that have been remotely touched on and then build from there, taking inspiration from the many fan fictions I read. I love getting reviews, especially ones that point out my mistakes and faults, so don't hesitate to review.

The first piece of writing I can recall that I put a lot of work on was an untitled parody of the Narnia chronicles when I was about ten. It spanned about four pages, which seemed like a novel for me at the time. I first got into fan fiction when I got involved in the Danny Phantom fandom, and I then began to write Pokémon fan fiction when I joined PokemonElite2000, and after a while of writing URPG stories, I began wanting to write a chaptered fan fic. “Destiny’s Tag” was a flop, and after that, I stuck to URPG stories. Somewhere during the summer of 2009, I strayed away from URPG stories and began to develop the plot for another fan fic. After that, my writing is geared towards chaptered fan fics.


On-Going Stories

My Guardian Angel
Subject: Pokémon
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Status: In-Progress {Currently at Thirteen Chapters and One Special Chapter}

Summary: The Pokémon World needs to be better, Mew and Celebi have decided, and they have concocted their own plan to see to it that the world is set in the right direction, no matter what the cost. While the rest of the Council of Legends turn a blind eye and settle into their own petty affairs, Jirachi steps up and tries to put a stop to this absurd plan, even going as far as contacting Death himself. When she falls, two humans appear and unwillingly get ensnare in this brewing fight between the three worlds of Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory.

History: I don’t exactly know what sparked the original idea, but the first idea I remember having was having Jirachi be reincarnated after some sort of Legendary struggle. When I was reading Julius Caesar, the character of Markus Antonius quickly became my favorite, and that’s how the character Mark Antony Colfax, the grim reaper’s assistant, was born, although his last name was decided many months afterwards. The idea was put on hiatus for a while when I decided that I didn’t want this to become a URPG story after all (originally, it was going to capture a Lucario). However, when my best friend Natalie made this wonderful movie poster for my fan fic, it inspired me to keep developing the idea. I swore that this was going to be my first finished fan fic ever.



Abandoned Stories

Destiny's Tag
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Adventure/Dark
Rating: T
Status: Abandoned {Six Chapters}

Summary: When young Sen Takashi is refused to go on a pokemon journey, she runs away with her Pikachu, Alice. When she finds one of Jirachi's elusive Wish Tags, not knowing what it does, she makes a wish to become a pokemon. Unfortunately, her wish comes true. She then encounters a group of pokemonn who are on mission to right the wrong Team Galactic did them. Since they have a deep loathing for humans, Sen must hide her true identity in order to get their help. However, that becomes difficult when Team Galactic, trying to catch the runaway pokemon, lay their sights on the Wish Tag she holds.

History: When I was playing D/P and encountered the Poke Kid who is dressed up as a Pikachu and wants to become one, I thought, "What would happen if she did become a pokemon?" The trainer seemed so naive and childish that I couldn't help but think how she would react to that kind of sudden transformation. With that small and vague idea in early May, I tried to come up with a plot but to no avail. One day in mid July, while surfing PeK2, I came up a plot that sounded, to my knowledge, original. While still online, I got my notebook and wrote the simple thoughts. Later, bit by bit, I expanded and created characters that would support this whole idea while still focusing on Sen, the main character.

Reason for Abandonment: To put it simply, I was ill-prepared. Despite the fact that this story had the most planning of any other at the time, two pages of notes was not enough to keep the writer’s block at bay. I had no idea what path the plot should take, the conflicts, the resolutions, or anything of the sort. There was no inspiration to work out the minor details, so it was left to rot. Don’t get me wrong - Destiny’s Tag holds a special place in my heart for being the first story that was planned ahead of time, at least somewhat. There was actually an ending in mind and back stories for the characters.





Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: Some humans just can't be satisfied with what they have. When they fail to make it better, one person decides that this is wrong.

History: Just an idea the entry of the PokeDex on how Porygon 2 was upgraded and began to act oddly. Then when the thoughts that Porygon was unrightly punished for the "Electric Soldier Porygon" incident, I incorporated how someone watching Porygon-Z being abandoned would feel and act.


A Lonely Fate
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: Though we don't really acknowledge their existence, they are always there, waiting for their time to shine...

History: My pokemon in my games always feel like real companions to me, I always talk to them and shout encouragement in a major battle. My HM Slaves are not treated so kindly, they are only there to get me around. Hell, I just nickname them "Slave 1", "Slave 2", etc. I wondered how these pokemon would feel as they are treated as nothing but slaves so I tried to imagine and wrote this.


The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
Subject: Danny Phantom
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: When Tucker Foley wakes up one day, he finds that logic as he knows it has been turned upside down. The bad thing? He's the only one who knows it.

History: My friend showed me the title of a Futurama episode, "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" and since it was about two in the morning and in a DP high, my mind came up with this silly idea of revenge.


Future Stories

{Sequel to My Guardian Angel}

Title: Our Ballad of Desire
Subject: Pokémon
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Status: Planning {Currently seven pages of notes in a notebook}

Summary: {Undisclosed to avoid spoilers for My Guardian Angel}

History: When I finished planning My Guardian Angel, I realized I left something at the end that could make a sequel possible. It wasn’t until recently, after going through about two other, unrelated, fan fic plots, that I realized I was going to miss writing about Mark Antony and the rest of the characters when I finished MGA. So I started to think up ideas that I could use as a sequel. The first one and the one that sounded the best was one that involved killer zombies, but despite the fact that I could make it work, horror is just not my style. (However, I still kept the “zombie” concept in my notes, should I find a way that it can be utilized.) I then thought of the Legendary Pokémon that were not going to be that involved in MGA or would have a small appearance at best and picked the set that despite being some of my favorites, were not even going to have a single cameo. By taking account their mythology and history according to the games, I came up with a very cool-sounding plot that I knew I could have fun with.

Did You Say Cheese?
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Status: .:Mind:.

Summary: When fourteen year old Hensi Men, an aspiring photographer, and his partner Skye the Swablu get an invitation for a photographing contest sponsored by the esteemed Porfessor Oak, they don't hesitate to accept. When they get there, they find the competition harder than they expected. .:Following plotline of Pokemon Snap:.

History: Pokemon Snap is an absolute favorite of mine (too bad it's so short) and the fact that I've never seen a Snap fan fic saddened me. Needing to write a comedy piece after "Destiny's Tag", I decided to take Pokemon Snap and rewrite it in my own way starring a character who, although he's smart, never gets the luck.

{Might use this some time later…}

(Banner by the epic Neo Pikachu) TAC Challenge: I'm learning Finnish! ^-^

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