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Default The Day The Earth Stood Stupid [Danny Phantom]

This is a very random one-shot I wrote about a year ago but revamped it yesterday. The characters might seem OOC because I originall wrote this at two in the morning. Enjoy this very random piece of work. :P

The Day The Earth Stood Stupid

A new day descended upon the small city of Amity Park with the sun rising up from its sleep, the rays that crept into the numerous buildings bathing the occupants in a warm glow. What was considered as nature’s alarm clock by many was considered a bright annoyance by Tucker Foley. The young African male had been asleep for the good portion of the morning and he would have stayed that way if his room didn’t grow in brightness. With a low groan, he opened his eyes to stare at the onyx black alarm clock on his bed stand.

With a few dazed blinks, he mouthed the time and date. The date. It struck some sort of familiarity in the back of his mind but he was simply too tired to coax out the thought. With the major portion of his time being spent on Danny’s ghost patrols and the ridiculously amount of homework his sophomore teachers has decided to give him, he felt he didn’t have the energy to remember something as insignificant as a date on the calendar. Days have been merging in one great blur lately, anyway. Tucker merely shrugged as he sat himself up, grabbing his normal attire plus a lime green towel. He was sure he would remember the significance, if at all, later during the day.


With the aroma of strawberry shampoo about him, Tucker gayly came down the stairs, red beret slightly askew.

“Morning, Mom!” he called to the kitchen once he set his feet firmly on the wooden floor.

“Morning, Tucker.” his mother’s greetings floated as he entered the lavish kitchen.

Like in every morning’s case, his mother stood in front of the stove with her violet purple apron tied around her waist. His dad was seated at the end of the table with his usual coffee mug and copy of The Amity Parl Angle in his grip. Tucker sat in his chair and awaited his usual breakfast of bacon and eggs. His dark green eyes began to glaze over at the mere thought of the fattening, calorie filled entree. Dreaming was cut short when his eyes caught his father’s mug filled with an “interesting” choice of breakfast, a fizzling noise catching his attention.

“Uhh...Dad,” he quirked an eyebrow as the beige mug was raised to the man’s lips.

“Mmm?” Mr. Foley acknowledge with a drink.

“Is there any particular reason why you’re drinking soda instead of your usual coffee?”

Swallowing, Mr. Foley gave his son a smile.

“Just trying something.”

With that, he submerged himself into his reading. Tucker’s face still held traces of confusion but he dismissed it as mid-life crisis. When Mrs. Foley walked up to him with a plate of steaming contents, he closed his eyes in bliss. The crestfallen expression was painfully apparent when he reopened them. Instead of grease swimming strips of bacon and salt coated eggs (sunny side up), his plate contained two servings of steamed broccoli with spice covered spinach.

“Mom, what is this?” Tucker asked aghast.

“We should always try new thing,” she reasonably answered.

Tucker shook his head in disgust and protested, “But I’m a carnivore!”

Mrs. Foley rolled her eyes in annoyance, muttered some things under her breath, and returned to her post in front of the stove. The smell that wafted up his noise almost made him gag. Vegetables were bad enough but cooked ones were nauseating. Shaking his head once again, he made a grab for his glass of milk. Hopefully, milk would tie him over until lunch (although that was highly unlikely). The first sip that he took made him think that the milk was odd. The second sip only heightened his suspicion. On the third sip, with wide eyes, was when he realized what he was drinking. On the verge of retching, Tucker spitted the milk back into the glass.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Foley asked in concern, his father also looking up from his paper.

Wiping his mouth with a yellow sleeve, he exclaimed to his parents, “Soy milk?!”

“You don’t like it?” The father inquired.

The fifteen year old gave him a look behind his black rimmed glasses.

“If you don’t like the soy milk simply get normal milk from the refrigerator.” Tucker’s mother suggested.

A glance at his watch made him decline the offer.

“Sorry but I have to meet Danny if we don’t want to be late.”

Tearing his eyes from the poor excuse of a breakfast, he grabbed his backpack that was hung on his chair and walked out.


’That was...interesting....,’ Tucker thought as left his block and entered Danny’s neighborhood.

’Am I being punished?’

The techno geek couldn’t think of any reason why his parents would call that a punishment. Normally, taking away his PDA was enough to make him regret whatever he had done. Tucker’s mind was still on the curious morning events (and his growling stomach0 when he reached the two story house of Fenton Works. The giant neon sign induced a smile.

’At least I can always count on the Fenton to stay the same.’

After given permission to enter, he opened the door with a grin.

“Hello, Fenton familia!”

“Good morning, Tucker.”

The figure that walked up to him was far from the Maddie Fenton he knew. Her blue hazmat suit was replaced by simple clothes and a worn, blue apron and a feather duster in place of a ghost hunting weapon. In short, she resembled his own mother.

“Mrs. Fenton....?”

Maddie looked at him and then at her own clothes.

“Oh this?”

Tucker only gave a mute nod.

“Just something I found in the back of my closet.”

Tucker never knew that either Fenton parent had something in their room that wasn’t spandex. Although, the Fentons always seemed to surprise him every now and then.

“Tucker!” Jack boomed as he sprinted from the kitchen, something clearly rattling in his hands.

“Check out my new...”

Before he could elaborate, Tucker cut him off as politely as possible.

“Mr. Fenton, I don’t think I have enough time to check out your new ghost hunting weapon.”

Jack’s giddy expression turned into one of puzzlement.

“Invention? No, I mean my new birdhouse.”

Jack held the crude birdhouse aloft for it to be admired but Tucker was at a loss for words.

Maddie, seeing the boy’s lack of words, decided offered, “I’ll call Danny for you.”

Turning towards the stairs, she called, “Danny, Tucker’s here!”

A shuffling of feet was heard before a lanky raven haired boy came down with backpack in hand. Moments later, his sister’s tell echoed behind him.

“Danny! Do you know where the ecto gun is?”

Rolling his eyes in clear annoyance, Danny sighed before answering,

“No, Jazz, I have no idea where your ecto gun is.”

Tucker’s mind, however, was still fixed on Jazz’s words.

’Wait, back up. Ecto gun?’

Jazz Fenton walked to the top of the stairs clad with her mother’s teal suit, something she had sworn never to wear.

“So you don’t have any idea where the ecto-gun is?” she asked once again.

“No, I don’t,” he answered, sounded extremely exasperated

With a final miffed look, Jazz turned back to her room, red hair flowing behind her. Grabbing a wide eyes Tucker by the wrist, Danny made his way to the door.

“Come on, Tuck, we’re going to be late.”


“Doesn’t today feel a bit odd?”

Danny seemed confused by his friend’s weird question at first but then shook his head.

“Not really.”

“What about Jazz?”

Danny let out a small chuckle at that.

“Jazz’s always weird.”

Figuring that the Fenton wasn’t going to of help, he frowned as their high school came into view.

’Maybe Sam will help me.’ he thought hopefully.

Sam Manson was always the reasonable one of the group, one that wouldn’t miss the obvious. As a matter of fact, Danny and him always got punish for missing the obvious.

’Sam will help out,’ he inwardly smiled once they set foot in the school’s courtyard.

Many students were still outside for there was still ten minutes before school started. Most were seated on top of school tables while other peacefully chatted under trees with friends.

“Hey, Sam.” the halfa greeted to the figure walking up to them, Tucker too busy to notice at first.

When he did, though, his jaw literally fell open.

’Oh. My God’.

Sam caught Tucker staring with mouth agape.

“What is it? Do I have something on my face?”

Tucker had a lot to think about in a short time. Sam wore a long pink/beige skirt with lace edging that tickled her ankles paired with a matching blouse. Jet black hair was curled at the ends so it framed her pale face, goth makeup now nonexistent. On closer inspection, he also saw that chunky combat boots were now replaced with dainty slippers.

He closed his mouth, opened it, then closed it again as he was unable to find the words that wouldn’t lead to his arm being bent into an interesting shape.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, he finally squeaked, “Nice choice of clothing.”

When the words left his lips, he shut his eyes and put his hands above his head in a pitiful attempt to protect himself from the goth fury that was sure to come.

“Why thank you!” Sam giggled in a voice that did not seem her own. It was much too high pitched and peppy.

The green eyed boy slowly lowered his arms, cracking an eye open as he did so. Wasn’t the vegetarian forced to wear those clothes? Wasn’t she so mad that she would rip off the head of anybody who dared mention it? The amethyst eyed girl seemed comfortable in them. Was she blackmailed or bribed?

’Nothing makes sense anymore.’ he mentally groaned.


The trio turned and saw, to Tucker’s horror, Dash and Paulina walking over towards them. The blonde haired jock slipped beside Sam while Paulina did the same with Danny.

“Hey beautiful,” he commented which made Sam give out a girlish giggle.

“Hey, Danny,” Paulina cooed with an arm around his shoulder. Danny wrapped his arm around her and gave a warm smile.

In front of a very baffled Tucker, each boy took their girl in their arms and gave them a deep kiss in the lips. The females returned the kiss with full passion .Tucker stepped back with unsteady balance away from the kissing teenagers, clutching his beloved PDA close to his chest as though afraid it would start exhibiting odd and terrifying behavior.

“This can’t be happening,” he muttered to himself in a daze. “It’s impossible!”

Tucker broke into a frantic pace to the other side of the school. Everything that has happened in the past hour replayed in his mind like a dreaded movie. His parents at breakfast, the Fentons and their sudden change of hobbies, and now his friends making out with the person they hated. He stopped and sat down against a tree, cradling the piece of technology. What had happened? Why was this day so queer? The time and date flashed on his PDA but this time it made sense. Like a bolt of lighting, Tucker Foley realized the significance of today’s date.


“APRIL FOOLS!” The teenagers shouted after him. Their laughter was heard throughout the whole school, tears sliding down their cheeks. Tucker Foley, the prankster that struck every year, was finally put in his place. Oh, revenge was sweet...

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