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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 25
A Night in Streamington

Houndour ran about, around chairs, under tables, between peoples’ legs. He was really hyper right now. While Lyn rushes around, chasing him and trying to calm him down, the rest of the people at the Pokecenter couldn’t help but smile in entertainment.

“Houndour stop chewing the curtains. That isn’t food." Houndour jumps next to her and licked her hand. "Aw, it’s really hard to stay mad at you when you do cute stuff like this." She picks Houndour up and sits on a couch.

That’s when Jack walks in, hurrying through the lobby. He bumps into someone, spilling their drink.

"Oh, Jack, how did it go?”

He continues by, not answering, heading straight for their room. This was odd behavior, even for him. Lyn grabs Houndour and follows him. The door was locked.

"Jack.what’s wrong? Did something happen?" Nothing. She knocks on the door, but no response. Houndour leaps down, following her example and paws at the door. "Come on. Open the door."

Instantly, “Just go away. I want to be alone.”

Lyn doesn't know what to say. “Can you at least tell me...”

In an angrier voice, “Did you not here what I said? If you must know, I gave Rattata to someone else. There, happy? Now go away.”

Lyn could hear shuffling from behind the door. He blows his nose. She understands, it must be hard for him to cope with giving away a Pokemon. “Let's go Houndour. We’re going to take a walk around the city.”

“Ruuu!” the puppy Pokemon cheers excitedly.

As soon as they step outside, Houndour becomes even more excited: the different people, the bikes, the cars. The cars fascinated him and for some reason, he had the instinct to chase after it. But Lyn picks him up before he can run off.

"Stay by my side at all times. Don't go wondering off."

Houndour reluctantly obeys, for the moment. But eventually, his curiosity becomes too great to contain. They stopped at a small garden of lilacs. Lyn raises a flower and smells it. Houndour smells the air but finds more interested at the soft soil. He starts digging.

"No Houndour. Stop that." She grabs him away, brushing the dirt off. She pushes the dirt back. “You can’t do that to someone’s property. Ok?”

Houndour gives her the sad puppy face.

She smiles, “Oh. So cute. Let’s go the park. Maybe they have a playground with sand.”

By now, the orange and purple clouds have faded away, with the night sky hanging above. Tonight was dreary and a little hazy. There was a definite drop in temperature, signaling an early winter this year. Anyone still outside wore puffy warm looking clothes. It must be the elevation making the night colder.

There was noone left in the park when she arrived. The playground had sand, and lots of it. Lyn nods to Houndour, and they charge. First they ran around, then under. Houndour stopped, sniffed, scratched, dug, kept running, and repeated. Lyn sat in the sand, grabbing some, and throws it at Houndour. He growls playfully, trying to dig sand her way. She laughs feeling her pants being covered.

A group of 4 young teens walk down a path, toward the playground. They were laughing loudly, three of them were pushing each other away to see who would fall first. One remained quiet in back.

"Hey, look over there." One of them stops, suddenly pushed down.

"Haha. You lose."

All three of them see her. She was helping Houndour up the slide; moments later sliding down together.. They walk over.

“Hey there, haven’t seen you around here before. New in town?”

“Whatcha doin' this late in the day?"

Lyn sits at the bottom of the slide, looking at the situation, a bit frightened. Houndour jumps in front, growling “It's none of your business.”

The three of them pressure her: "Come on, you can tell us." "We can keep a secret." "You can trust us."

The fourth guy sneaks in from behind, pushing the others to the ground. “I swear, you guys are idiots.” The three guys stand up, taunting him. He kicks them and tells them to buzz off. “I’m sorry about them, they can be quite intimidating to others. They think it’s fun.”

Her nerves loosen, feeling safer. Houndour was still growling but not as loudly. “How can you call them friends? How do you think I feel, being a girl alone in a park at night.”

The guy leans on a metal bar, apologizing. He snaps his fingers. “I’ve seen you before, in the Pokemon Center. Are you a Trainer?”

“Sort of...” he stomach rumbles. She hasn’t eaten anything since lunch. “I should get going.”

"Would you like to have dinner? My treat.” The guy smiles.

She can’ remember when she last ate somewhere besides the Pokemon Center. Their food is okay, but sometimes bland and cheap. It’s hard to turn down a free meal. But she doesn’t even know who he is; can he be trusted?

“My name is Dax.”


They found a restaurant of high class. Everyone was wearing fancy clothes, collared shirts, even some suits and ties. This guy must be rich if he is paying. She almost feels spoiled not having to worry about paying. How much will she eat? Pokemon weren’t allowed inside the restaurant, unless in a Pokeball. So, Houndour had to stay in a separate room and behave the whole time. This was a test of obedience.

Dax has messy brown hair and brown eyes, giving him an irresistible look. He wore a high school varsity style jacket; brown with gold sleeves. The letter ‘D’ was embroidered on the front, meaning Dax. On his head were a pair of large round shades, blue lenses that darkened toward the bottom. He almost looks like the captain of a high school football team.

The meal itself was exquisite. Entrees, appetizers, side dishes, main meal, and finally desert. She had it all and she didn’t care about manners. At one point, she almost cried that the food tasted well prepared.

Dax, however, wasn’t interested in eating, but rather talking to her. The conversations was light, each telling a little about themselves. As it turns out, Dax is a reporter. He specializes in reviews, trying to find the buzz on up and coming new Trainers. He boldly asked Lyn if he could do a story on her.

She blushes as red as she ca from the compliment. “Oh, but I’m not a Trainer. I’m going to be a Pokemon Nurse.”

He pauses, thinking, then snaps his fingers. “Even better.” He spreads his hands in the air, as if reading the newspaper. “I can see it now: ‘Competition for Nurse Joy, Lyn has Entered the Game’. Someone trying to become a Nurse other than the Joy family, that would be a scoop.”

The blushing continues. “Thanks. But,” she changes the subject, “if you want a story, maybe my friend can help. He’s a new Trainer and he’s very strong too. I probably shouldn’t say this, but he beat Team Rocket a number of times already. Maybe you could interview him.”

He sits back, waving his hand in the air for the bill. He looks at it, a little shocked at the price, but only smiles. “I would be very interesting to meet your friend.” His voice emphasizing ‘very’ in a strong tone. Just as he brings out his wallet, he spies his three friends in the window. They wave. He gives a quick thumb’s up back.

Lyn stands, ready leave, barely seeing this action. “Huh?” She looks at the window across the room, watching three guys freeze, then frantically hide. “Aren’t those.... what’s going on?”

Panic hits him in the face. He leans back in the chair playing it cool. “Oh. I was just informing our waiter what a find job he did. I’m leaving an extra tip tonight."

"But, that's our waiter behind you."

"Ack.... well, looks like you caught me. I have a rare condition called Keplers Thumb’s Up Disease. I tend to give random thumbs during the day.”

She kicks his chair legs, causing him to lean further and fall back. “That’s not a good lie. What are you trying to pull?”

The whole restaurant was looking at them. Dax stands, patting his jacket down. “Look, I was only telling them that our date was going well. I didn’t mean to upset you.” His suave and debonair attitude tries to make up for his mistake.

"Date? You think this is a date?” She adds the pieces in her head. “I see your game. Your friends bother me, then you’re the sweet hero and take me to dinner. I admit, I fell for it, but no more.” She splashes her drink at him, walking away, grabbing Houndour on her way out.

Dax follows her to try and apologize... *SLAP* He receives a fresh hand print across his cheek. Houndour growls loudly, eyes squinting protectively.

"That's for tricking me to go out with you."

He rubs his newly red cheek, "But we had a good time. Didn’t we?”

She quickly turns around, hand in the air. “Don’t you dare follow me.” Lyn and Houndour run.

Dax turns to his friends, smacking them all on the head. "Thanks for blowing this one for me. I had her. The plan was working."

The waiter interrupts. "Sir, you need to pay the bill for that meal before you leave."

"Oh, certainly." Dax feels his empty pockets. He remembers leaving it on the table, but when he goes in to check, it’s gone. "She took my wallet. That *****."

"Great. Then you can clean the dishes for the rest of the night."
"That won’t be necessary. My friends can pay for me." But they’ve run off. "Bastards."


It was close to bedtime when she reaches the Pokemon Center. She was quite annoyed by those guys and wanted to sleep right away, to forget it happened. She twists the knob to their room: it’s open. Inside, all her stuff sits on the floor next to the bed. Houndour jumps on her bed, closing his eyes. However, Jack and all his belongings were gone. He wasn’t around the lobby or on the phone in the waiting room. Maybe Nurse Joy knows.

Joy grabs something under her desk. "The one with that paper boy hat, right? He left about an hour ago. Told me to give you this.”

It’s an envelope. She reads it in her room:


Nice night, isn't it? I have left for Windy Plateau. I will be coming back in a couple of days. I was told that Windy Plateau was very dangerous to go alone, so don’t try to find me. This is something I need to do myself. Stay around the Center to keep safe. See ya’ soon.
Soon after finishing, an announcement blasts over the speakers. "Would Lyn Ravenwood please come to the front desk. You have an urgent phone call. Lyn Ravenwood to the front desk. Thank you."

She throws the letter down and goes to the front desk. Joy smiles, handing her the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Lyn. This is Officer Jenny from Styper City. We caught two people hanging around the Styper Mall, acting suspicious. They match a description that you made some days ago to the Streamington Police. I am faxing a picture of them over to you. Tell me if they seem familiar."

She grabs the fax from Nurse Joy. It was the Team Rocket duo, Ashley and Roy. "Yes, that’s them."

Jenny replies, "You have been most helpful. These two will be held for a long time with high bail. Thanks for your cooperation. You can sleep easy tonight.”

This brings good news with a sigh of relief. Now she didn't have to worry about them showing up again and stealing her Pokemon. She was free.

Now she had to find Jack. Like she was going to stay here and miss out again. They were supposed to be a team and adventure together. But, it’s late. She won’t find him in the dark.

She prepares for bed, plops down, and falls to sleep.


Out in the forest. After midnight. Jack and his guide stop to set up camp for the night. They have gone as far as they can and need to rest for faster hiking tomorrow.

His name is Palo. According to Melina, he was the best in the guiding business with thirty years experience. He has a thin face, dark hair and small eyes. He wore a grassy green snow hat, a dark red scarf, a light green hooded cloth jacket, with rugged blue jeans and boots. He was of Spanish decent, giving him a tan colored body. His English was spoken well enough, but it still retained a Spanish accent. He was lucky he agreed to guide him because he was supposed to be retired. But at the mention of Melina, he quickly agreed. ‘Any friend of Melina, is a friend of mine.’

Before leaving, Jack changes clothes. Actually, Palo required him to. It was a cold night. His new attire: tan Newsboy hat, button down brown jacket, two gloves, slender dark gray pants, and his regular old shoes. He was a little uncomfortable at first, but warm.

The tent was up, a small campfire was going to warm them before bed, and food was prepared. All this was set up in under seven minutes. Palo was a pro.

"Hey, Palo. How long is the walk from here to Windy Plateau?" Jack sips the hot soup.

He sits up, "Well, amigo, anyone else might take half a day from here. But with me, I’d say three hours. We will be there well before lunch time."

“Do you think it will take long to capture a flying Pokemon?”

"Depends what you want. Some people have luck and leave the first hour. Some try to catch the rumors of hidden Pokemon. Others stay far too long and have to stay the night."

"Are the nights really as bad as I’ve been told?"

Palo turns off the last light, "Ai, mi amigo, night time can be horrible if you don’t know what to expect. Let me share a story. It happened five months ago. I was guiding a man who wanted to follow one of the rumors of a rare colored Pokemon. We searched all day and found no traces. Night was coming and I told him we need to go, but he refused. We stayed into the night, searching. I told him to stop and started pitching up camp. By the time I was finished, he wandered off. I called for him, but only heard my echoes in return. I stayed two more days, looking for him. It was hopeless and I faced facts. When I returned to the city, I was ridiculed and questioned. They blamed me. Soon after, I retired." He covers the fire with dirt, extinguishing the last light source. “He was the only person I ever lost. Whatever he found that night, must have swallowed him up.”

The story quieted the air. Windy Plateau was serious business.

End Episode 25
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