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Default Re: My art :p Mostly manga, some other too

Originally Posted by Tsurara
Pretty good. All I have to say is you need to work on your bodies. They are not proportionate with everything. I suggest you look into block drawing. I like this site with tutorials. It helps you make a better body shape, men and women. Also, need work on breasts. Those are hard for a lot of people.

If you look at her waist and hips they are wayyy too low, they kinda blend in too much...not enough shape in her.

Here's the tutorials site:
Thank you! That's what I needed ^^ Everybody says they're good, but I can use a little comment too. That drawing is still one of my best, but you're right, the hips ARE to long :/ Bodies are hard, yup... Maybe I'll buy a book about human anatomy or something... That should help. Porn could help too... Just kidding just kidding!!!
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