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Default The Pokemon Passion

Yes, I know we are all Pokemon fans here. But how high does your fandom go? Is Pokemon something you just think is fun, and you play the games and watch the show but it doesn't really play a huge part in your life? Or are you something more? Let me tell you, I have been hooked to Pokemon since I got into it in the late '90s. The anime is my favorite all time show. There are a couple parts of the show and movies where I cry when I see it, and I'm not really a crying person. In fact, Pokemon is the only thing that I can remember watching and shedding tears. I listen to my Pocket Monster Sound Anime Collection CD almost every time I am in the car going someplace. As for the games, I remember when I thought I had permanently lost my Pokemon Red game and I was miserable over it, because I loved the game and had raised the Pokemon in it. Alot of people would probably say "come on, it's just a game", but it means more to me than that. While I acknowledge they aren't actually real, living things, sometime you can almost feel that way. Sometimes they are real in your mind. Pokemon has also been a good haven for me. When I am upset about something, alot of the time Pokemon can help me feel better. I remember when I gave up Pokemon I was miserable whenever I saw anything related to it or when I even thought of it (it's a long story, my parents wanted me to give it up because they felt it was spiritually bad and would hurt me there, so I gave it up because they wanted it. It was gone for more than a year, and several times I had tried to talk my parents into letting me have it back again but with no success, until one day I had a reasonable discussion with my mom and she saw my point and talked to my dad and eventually I got it all back because they believed I was old enough to discern what was good and bad in it). I couldn't even see a commercial for a completely different anime show without thinking of it and it tearing at me. Now I just thank God that I have my Pokemon again. It has got me interested in other anime (though none will ever come close to replacing it), and it even gotten me interested in the Japanese culture and in learning the language. I like Pokemon for so many different reasons. I like the good themes it preaches, such as friendship and helping others in need. I also really liked the themes in Myuutsu Strikes Back, like how nothing can come of fighting but pain and suffering, and how every life has a meaning and it's what you do with it that determines who you are. I've always found Pokemon to be very appealing. It's very adventurous and has alot of action from the battles, but it also teaches you to have confidence in yourself and how valuable friendship is. And that's my favorite part: the bond between Pokemon and trainer, and how sacred that is. I'm 16 now and still absolutely love Pokemon. And I am not afraid to admit it, whether I get flamed for it or not. I am proud to be a Pokemon trainer. And I probably always will be.

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