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Default Re: The Pokemon Passion

Man, that's cool. You're absolutly right in everything that you said. Some people might laugh at you at taking it that seriosly but it's just something you put your heart into and that's cool, IMO.
I don't think I like it as much a you do but I'm definatly a big fan. I got into it in the 6th grade and I'm in the 11th now, so.... Yeah. That's actually odd because nothing has been able to keep my intrest for so long.
To me, Pokemon is kind of like an alternate universe that I can escape to whenever I want. Wheather it's when I'm depressed or when I just need some fantasy in my life.
The main thing I like about it is just the Pokemon world in general. I think it'd be great to share a bond that strong with a Pokemon, to be able to be with it as it grows and becomes stronger, to be able to support it in tough battles, comfort it when it loses, and to be right along side it, celebrating our victories.
That might sound corny but I don't care.
Alot of nights when I'm having trouble sleeping, I'll imagine that I'm in the Pokemon world, battling or just in the woods looking for Pokemon. Infact, most all my URPG stories come from adventures I've thought up while laying in bed at night.
I'd much rather fanticise of a world like that with plenty of morals then the one we really live in.

And that's how I am with Pokemon.
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