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Wink Globally Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46.01 million units sold) vs other Pokemon Games

I am in my teens and new to the amazing Pokemon world. I have been in it since Pokemon Diamond/Pearl were released on April 22 in North America. I have been doing a lot of research on different aspects of Pokemon. I put together a list of the 5 best selling Pokemon games. What you may notice that is that Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow are grouped together; but, others are not grouped with the follow-up games (Crystal and Emerald). I am sure that some people think that it is rather skewed to do that. There are a few reasons for that.

first reason: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow were the ONLY three (or four if you count Green in Japan) games made for the original 8 bit Gameboy system.

second reason: Pokemon Red & Blue and Pokemon Yellow came out at some point in the same month and same year in different parts of the world. From a global viewpoint, it is appropriate to group them.

third reason: Only a few upgrades were made in Yellow and are very unnoticeable except for Pikachu following you around in Yellow; whereas, you can see marked differences and many upgrades in Crystal and Emerald as compared to Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire.

5 best selling Pokemon games of all time on worldwide sales

(1) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow ----------- 46.01 million units sold
(note: Red/Blue released in September 1998 in North America and Yellow in September 1998 in Japan)

(2) Pokemon Gold/Silver ----------------- 23.10 million units sold

(3) Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire ------------- 15.15 million units sold

(4) Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen -------- 10.13 million units sold

(5) Pokemon Diamond/Pearl ------------- 10 million units sold

My post here is NOT to debate on whether it is fair to group Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow together. I have recently heard that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl have just reached the milestone of 10 million units sold worldwide since their release in Japan last September.

My question is "Do you think Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will be able to outsell Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire or even Pokemon Gold/Silver worldwide ?"
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