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Angry Re: Globally Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46.01 million units sold) vs other Pokemon Game

Originally Posted by wad11656 View Post
About all that grouping junk...uhh...Red/Blue/Yellow are grouped together in some cases, and sometimes they're's just because Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald were released AFTER those other ones...and they have improvements made on them, so they're pretty different...whatever...
I agree and disagree on the quote above. I mean, I agree that Crystal and Emerald are different from Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire because the improvements are significant.
I disagree that Yellow is different from Red/Blue. I mean, when you turn on all three games and compare them, Red/Blue/Yellow on different Gameboys at the same time, what you see is the same route map because there are almost no changes in them. Of course, you can see Pikachu in Yellow following you around which is a clear difference;but, you can leave it at the Pokemon Center and never pick it up again. Then, it won't follow you around anymore.
Also, the quote mentions Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald released after other games which is mainly true. But, pokemaniacs that posted his topic CLEARLY SAID THAT RED/BLUE AND YELLOW WERE RELEASED IN THE SAME MONTH AND SAME YEAR IN NORTH AMERICA AND JAPAN RESPECTIVELY. You can see his note in brackets underneath the sales figure of Red/Blue/Yellow.

SorrrrrrrrrRRRRRRyyyyy for going off-topic............

Back on topic, there is no way Diamond/Pearl will outshine Red/Blue/Yellow. These classic games' sales mark would be too difficult to beat. I would be shocked if Diamond/Pearl could beat Gold/Silver. I think Diamond/Pearl will end up third on the list.

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