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Default Re: Globally Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46.01 million units sold) vs other Pokemon Game

Yeah Crystal, Emerald and Yellow were realsed later but they
Werent realised long after the originals of that generation
Had a similar story
Had similar graphics
And were in the the same region

It seems that about a year or so a new game of that same generation so i wouldnt be surprised if a D/P " update " were made in a year
( again another exuse to not make a G/S/C remake )

Comin back on topic like i said the older games will always be on top of the newer games and this is because the animé was much more popular and the cards were also more popular so Pokémon had more fans and more positive publisity back 8 years ago ( its aleady been that long, wow time DOES fly )

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