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Default Re: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Elite Four Discussion

Oo I beat the E4 (on my first try, no less) with these mons:

Staraptor lv 50
Luxray lv 50
Lopunny lv 50
Empoleon lv 50
Azelf lv 50
Palkia lv 47

Palkia was the first Mon in my Party, and she took out a TON of the E4's Mons with Water Pulse and Spacial Rend. Azelf was only used ONCE, and that was as a placeholder to revive Palkia when she got Fainted when I was fighting the third E4 or so. I had to Revive my Mon a few times and heal them up, but I didn't use hardly any of the Full Restores I'd bought and only about ten of the Hyper Potions out of 30. The hardest Mon to beat were Cynthia's DAMNED Milotic and Lucian's freaking Bronzong. Other than that, they all got PWNT. When it was all said and done, Karra (my Kia) had leveled up to 52 ^^. It was awesome that she gained five levels so quickly...
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