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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: 1-3-07
* Birthdate: 1/20/94
* Name: Krystal
* Alias: Kris, Kk, kristal lite, krystalina, jan, fuzzy, rock, rats, CRUNCH, carbon, notes, gretchen, forest, gump(i bet you're thinking wtf) the red names were called by these annoying jerks in my class. <_<
* Sex: female
* Race: Asian
* Ethnicity: half Chinese, half Filipino
* Birthplace: *hides*
* Location:*hides*
* Height: about 5'2''
* Weight: 105lbs.
* Shoe Size: 5-6 (my feet r small)
* Eye Color: dark brown
* Hair Color: blackish
* Piercings: in the ears.
* Tattoos: none dude..xP
* Dating/Marital Status: single (leave it at that)
* Family: mom, dad, and a little brother.
* Pets: a fighting fish, that can kill you.. j/k
* Grade: freshman
* Occupation: student, DOI!!!!
* Favorite Colors: blue, black, green, red
* Favorite Movies: Twilight Movie (its coming out december... T-T)
* Favorite TV Series: South Park, Simpsons, House, Drake and Josh
* Favorite Video Games: pokemon, children of mana, super mario, yoshi's island
* Favorite Band/Musician: Green Day, BFMV, MCR (not rlly anymore), Timbaland, Silverstein...and lots more. @_@
* Favorite Food: pasta, ice cream, and A LOT more. ^^ *gets smacked by pie*
* Favorite Beverage: coke, milk, water
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Aeropostale, American Eagle
* Where you've traveled: alot of places.
* Hobbies: drawing, hating teh color pink xP, sleeping, piano, swimming, tennis.
* Picture: CLicKeh

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