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Default Legend of Water's Clone and Trade Shoppe

Shop Status: OPEN

Trade Shoppe

Here is a list of pokemon I can trade at the moment

PKTOPIA Pikachu lv.10-Hardy
10 ANIV Zapdos lv.70-Adamant
10 ANIV Moltres lv.70-Jolly
MYSTRY Mew lv.10-Rash
Shiny MYSTRY Mew lv.10-Lonely
Hadou Mew lv.100-Naive
Sunday Wobuffet lv.5-Impish
10 ANIV Raikou lv.70-Docile
10 ANNIV Lugia lv.70-Calm*
MATTLE Ho-oh lv.85-Modest
10 ANIV Celebi lv.100-Bold
10 ANIV Celebi lv.70-Calm
Ageto Celebi lv.100-Quiet
RUBY Zigzagoon lv.5-Brave
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon lv.5-Hardy
10 ANIV Latias lv.70-Sassy
10 ANNIV Latias lv.70-Bold*
10 ANNIV Latios lv.70-Serious*
10 ANIV Latios lv.70-Naive
WISHMKR Jirachi lv.5-Bold
60707 Jirachi lv.5-Sassy
50707 Jirachi lv.5-Modest
SPACE C Deoxys lv.70-Calm
POKECTR Deoxys lv.45-Calm
10th Deoxys lv.50-Timid
Concert Chatot lv.25-Timid
PALCITY Lucario lv.50-Modest
Fiesta Magmortar lv.30-Quiet
Tokyo Fair Manaphy lv.5-Naive
Demo Darkrai lv.50-Modest
Movie Darkrai lv.50-Bold
Movie Darkrai lv.50-Docile
Movie Darkrai lv.50-Quirky

Charmander lv.5-Lonely
Clefable lv.41-Hardy
Zubat lv.12-Timid
Machop lv.20-Brave
Tentacool lv.27-Brave
Ponyta lv.18-Naughty
Voltorb lv.26-Brave
Chansey lv.18-Timid
Vaporeon lv.100-Jolly
Articuno lv.62-Quarky
Mewtwo lv.72-Relaxed
Cyndaquil lv.5-Quarky
Totodile lv.1-Quarky
Wobuffet lv.3-Brave
Entei lv.68- Sassy
Suicune lv.54- Naive
Ho-oh lv. 100-Quarky
Torchic lv.5-Lax
Mudkip lv.5-Hasty
Zigzagoon lv.3-Brave
Taillow lv.6-Brave
Makuhita lv.11-Brave
Sableye lv.10-Brave
Electrike lv.12-Brave
Torkoal lv.30-Brave
Spinda lv.15-Brave
Milotic lv.3-Bashful
Shuppet lv.26-Brave
Spheal lv.38-Serious
Bagon lv.1-Gentle
Latias lv.40-Rash
Latios lv.40-Hardy
Kyogre lv.70-Modest
Rayquaza lv.70-Naive
Chimchar lv.1-Docile
Starly lv.2-Modest
Bibarel lv.18-Timid
Shellos lv.7-Timid
Drifloon lv.22-Impish
Muchlax lv.1-Naughty
Uxie lv.50-Lax
Azelf lv.50-Bashful
Dialga lv.47-Naughty
Palkia lv.47-Serious
Giratina lv.70-Modest
Cresselia lv.50-Modest
Manaphy lv.1-Careful

What I Mainly look for.
Shiny legends that I don't already have.
Untouched Events
I will accept other offers.

Clone Shoppe

I accept 2 clients at a time. You will not be charged for my services. I clone via Action Replay


Waiting list

Past Clients:

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