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Blazin Blaziken
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Lightbulb Untouched Legendaries and Shiny For Trade

Adamant Kyogre
Untouched Lvl 70

Careful Groudon
Untouched Lvl 70

Quirky Regigigas
Untouched Lvl 70

Adamant Moltres
Untouched Lvl 50

Timid Zapdos
Almost Untouched Lvl 50 (just some exp pts, no level gain)

Adamant Shiny Charizard
Lvl 52

^All pokemon are legit. I'm looking for legit shiny pokemon in return. Some I am looking for in particular, but offer any. I'll be away for a little while, but post or PM me and I will get back to you asap.
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