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Default Re: legit PALCITY lucario for auction!!!!

Originally Posted by HBIMajorV View Post
I have what every body's been looking for!

id 07157
modest naature
pokemon event 07

aparantley had a fateful encounter at lvl 50
quick to flee (confirmed legit not the proud of its power that ones hacked)
aura sphere
dark pulse
dragon pulse
water pulse
classic ribbon
metal coat

auto win is a legit all stats must match

lvl 50
id 06257
item charcoal

ot PCNYd
id 00017
lvl 35
auction will end tonight

please dont spam my thread claiming this to be illegit because you obviously have no clue what your talking about I have done my homeworke
ILLEGIT!!! lol, JK! umm i can offer a 403 attack shiny ttar, bt can u first post the stats of the lucario?
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Are you allowed to put naked pictures of pokemon as an avatar?
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