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do not trade with this guy I spent an hour and a half ev training a lucario for a deal and he didnt keep his end

read this he offers a shinie shuckle and bulbasaur for the lucario
I have an evd shinie lucario legit evd for the evd shinie shuckle

okay what lucario stats

lvl 46 so can be evd further but pretty good for 46
atk 150
def 79
sp atk 101
sp def 72
speed 124
hes adament*****
knows moves sky punch
close combat
and sword dance

can you finish him i will give you shuckle and modest bulbasur

to lvl 100???

no till the evd stas are done

yeah Ill start workin on him

okay pm me when ready its 10 pm over here so just keep in mind

ok man he has the effort ribbon now do you want him all the way to 252? cause he would have to get alot more lvls to do so

okay meet me on wi fi thanks

thought i got a shinie bulbasur also?

oh no the shuckle is really good so

but you said both

woops ment only shuckle

can you finish him i will give you shuckle and modest bulbasur your words I finished him hold up to your end of the deal or we have no deal

okay sorry no deal

Lookin for the legit event?
This guy is a scammer and should never be trusted
5240 9405 6171
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